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Latest Stories View more news. Forgot Password. Your E-mail:. Resend confirmation email. Cancel Confirm. You can chose between various display modes, with the "Cinema" mode offering the most accurate color reproduction. Overall, the color reproduction is fairly warm, and only the "Adjustable Display" mode produces a slight blue tint. The color space coverage is sufficient for a large part of AdobeRGB and DCI P3, so those who calibrate the display will be able to easily judge colors in photos or printed media, for example. Outdoors, the low brightness becomes a problem for the display and you should look for a shady place during sunny days.

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Even if you look at the screen from the side, the image still remains easily recognizable with its original colors. In terms of SoC, the Samsung Exynos is used. The Galaxy M20 achieved fairly similar performance values. Things look similar in terms of the graphics performance, where the Galaxy A40 also offers a lot of power for its price range and runs smoothly in everyday operation.

A significant improvement can be seen in the surfing speed. This can also be seen when images on websites are quickly loaded during scrolling and pages are rendered quickly overall. The storage is also faster than that of the predecessor. Particularly in terms of its read rates, the internal storage shows significantly better values.

In games, the Samsung Galaxy A40 generally does well. Some very current games such as " Asphalt 9 " cannot be played easily on the device, since the manufacturer considers the graphics hardware as too weak and the game is not displayed in the Google Play Store. Probably there also will be some trouble starting it, if you download the game from elsewhere. Fortunately, both games accept the Hz mode on the smartphone, allowing you to play quite smoothly. However, some drops are noticeable in high settings. We determine the frame rates using GameBench.

After a prolonged period of load, the case temperatures are fairly elevated. However, as in its larger sibling, the Samsung Galaxy A50, the warming is noticeable but by no means critical in the Galaxy A In idle mode, while it is turned on with no significant loads, there is no noticeable warming in the smartphone.

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Even after prolonged periods of load, the Galaxy A40 does not throttle. We can find out about this with the battery test of GFXBench, which records the differences in the achieved frame rates while rendering the same sequence thirty times in a row. Since the Galaxy A40 shows no differences worth mentioning, we can assume that the full power is still available even after longer time periods. However, we can still attest the A40 with a fairly warm sound, although at maximum volume, it sounded a bit uncomfortable to our ears, since some very high frequencies are overemphasized.

Overall, the sound is decent, particularly in this price range. There continues to be a 3. Both work quickly and without any problems, and we also like the sound that is offered. In terms of the power consumption, the Samsung Galaxy A40 does a fairly good job, even if the predecessor was significantly more efficient overall. While the Galaxy A40 uses quite a lot of power, particularly under load, it also offers significantly more performance than the Galaxy A6 The mAh battery does not help the Galaxy A40 in getting decent runtimes.

Many devices in this price range, such as the Galaxy M20 or the Gigaset GS, use an especially powerful battery that results in more weight but also a longer battery life. The A40 lasts for hours in our WLAN test, which means that you might also get though two work days if you are not always using your smartphone.

Under full load, the device lasts for hours. The included charger is rated at 10 watts and needs a good two hours to completely recharge the smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy A40 is a compact smartphone of the lower mid-range that offers many advantages compared to its predecessor, thanks to a high performance, an elegant case, and a variable camera. All the other smartphones within its price class now also have to compete with its compact build and light weight, with its case that is robust and high-quality at the same time, and with its high performance capabilities.

Some minor disadvantages result from the dark display, the spotty GPS reception, and the call quality that is only mediocre. However, the large color space of the display, the dual-camera system with its variable focal length, and the solid battery life warrant a clear purchase recommendation for the Samsung Galaxy A An affordable, high-quality and high-performance smartphone of the lower mid-range. Compared to the more affordable M series, the A40 distinguishes itself with its higher-quality case, the lower weight, and the smaller form factor.

Those who are only looking for performance can also grab the M20, since there are no differences in this regard. Samsung Galaxy A Samsung Exynos Samsung homepage Samsung notebook section.

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Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications. Samsung Galaxy A40 full resolution. Equipment — A Samsung smartphone with a lot of storage. Top: microphone. Bottom: speaker, USB-C port, 3. Left: SIM tray. Right: volume rocker, Standby key.

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Samsung Galaxy A40 software. GPS Test indoors. GPS Test near the window. GPS Test outdoors. GPS Garmin Edge — overview. GPS Garmin Edge — traffic circle. GPS Garmin Edge — bridge. Telephone Functions and Voice Quality — Booming from time to time. Cameras — Dual camera with two focal lengths. Picture taken with front camera. Image Comparison Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 click to load images. Apple iPhone XS Max. OnePlus 6T. Olympus E-M10 II. Picture of our test chart. Test chart detail. ColorChecker: The target color is displayed in the bottom half of each field.

Turn data roaming on your Samsung Galaxy A70 Android 9. Turn screen lock on your Samsung Galaxy A70 Android 9. Plus, each repair must pass Fonelab's industry leading multi-point Samsung Performance Checklist, so your A70's camera will.

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Select Samsung Keyboard from the menu. Be certain the Samsung Galaxy A70 screen doesn't turn on. Do you still have question regarding turn on pop-up apps notifications in Galaxy S10?