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A possible arbitrary kfree vulnerability exists in vipx and vertex driver.

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) review

The patch restricts triggering of vipx and vertex driver. A possible heap OOB write vulnerability exists in tsmux driver. The patch adds proper boundary check in tsmux driver. A possible race condition vulnerability exists in hdcp2 driver. The patch fixes incorrect implementation of hdcp2 driver to address race condition vulnerability. A possible OOB read vulnerability exists in media. The patch adds the proper validation of the input value.

A vulnerability caused by missing synchronization in MTP handler allows use-after-free via race condition. The patch adds proper synchronization points to avoid all possibility of a race condition. A vulnerability allows turning on OEM unlock feature for KG enrolled devices in certain conditions and it enables unauthorized downloading of customized binaries. Weakness in facial recognition in specific devices result in possible false authentication.

The patch enhances facial recognition accuracy with closed eye detection and improved detection logic. A vulnerability in TEE allows arbitrary memory mapping.

Samsung Galaxy A7 (Gold, 64 GB, 4 GB RAM) Item Details

The patch restricts arbitrary memory mapping in TEE. Google patches include patches up to Android Security Bulletin — January package. And previous patch caused unexpected side effects that required a fix. The patch adds exception handling to prevent unexpected close of Gatekeeper trustlet. An invalid check of usb buffer size in Secure Bootloader allows arbitrary code execution. The patch adds proper size check logic of usb buffer.

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The fast and powerful 2. The smooth touch ensures faster reaction and switching between folders and application to give you the best smartphone experience.

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It has a Side Fingerprint Sensor that keeps your phone secure and a triple rear camera that clicks fantastic pictures. The strong 4 GB RAM makes the Samsung A7 compact and powerful giving you the advantage of multitasking between applications and folders allowing you to perform many tasks at the same time without any hassle. The 64 GB storage adds to the advantage of this smartphone that gives you an added advantage in performing tasks with large files which seems like a piece of cake.

This phone can function as a camera, image viewer and even a pocket internet surfing device without hassle or lagging due to its powerful processor. Working on the Android platform powered by Google the Samsung A7 not just brings to you functionality but also the advantage of a sleek and sophisticated design. The Light in weight with a large screen you can now watch your favourite movies and click pictures or surf the internet with the best visual experience that is bound to have you spellbound. Resistant to dirt and moisture the large screen can ensure you best display quality at all times due to its super bright display.

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This is a fitness tracker app, like Google Fit or Fitbit, that also lets you log your food consumption and even caffeine intake. On the lighter side, the UI supports themes, like most other interfaces. You have to dig around to find free ones, though.

Also, you can transfer Apps and social media data to SD card as well. It supports up to GB of external memory, which means there's enough space to install apps and store data. A big screen makes the Galaxy A7 a great choice for multimedia enthusiasts. For music, it has a decent loudspeaker to fill in a small room, and we're counting the 3.

Samsung Mobile Security

Sound quality is fair, but not stellar. Although it's not the best handset to play games on. You can try playing PUBG Mobile, but in our case, we encountered lags and hitches even when playing at medium settings. This is a great phone for video, as the screen is big and vibrant enough to make the idea of watching a whole movie on the thing feasible. Having an option of a dedicated microSD card and a decent battery life also adds up to the fact that it's a worthy phone for multimedia consumption. In basic day to day tasks, the Galaxy A7 performs fine, but it's not the best option if you multitask on your phone.

It has six standard low-power 1.

However, there are also two 2.