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The Pixel 3 XL which has one camera can outperform the P30 Pro in low light situations , delivering crisper images with better colors. The P30 Pro can definitely stand its own against the Pixel, or any other low-light performer. The 32MP selfie camera is more than adequate. Watch the video review above to see a sample David recorded.

On the down side, I encountered some flickering and unusual graininess when shooting video in low light. The zoom effect is pretty choppy too, and switching between cameras can result in jarring changes in image quality. The Huawei P30 Pro camera app is intuitive and easy to use, especially considering how much hardware it controls. Compared to the Mate 20 Pro, the Master AI mode, which selects the best settings for the scene, is now easier to toggle or quickly turn off for a specific shot. Without a doubt, the Huawei P30 Pro has the most versatile and powerful camera of any smartphone.

The optical zoom, ultra-wide camera, and incredible extreme low-light performance give you powerful tools for creative shots. Portrait mode is very good. And the overall image quality is competitive with the Pixel 3 XL, if not consistently better. On June 6, Huawei released a software update that improved image quality on the P30 Pro. The updated firmware improved colors and fixed an issue with videos shot on the front-facing camera. We have a before-and-after comparison here. Despite the change in version number, EMUI 9.

Hardware specs

The P30 Pro finally displays third-party notifications on the always-on display, which has been a peeve of mine on the Mate. You can also swipe from the sides to exit the app drawer, and you can now open Google Assistant by holding the power button. There are some new integrations too, like the ability to open and start your car with just your phone — if you own a fancy new Audi, that is.

Google Assistant guide: Make the most of your virtual assistant. The software experience on the P30 Pro is good. The UI is well-designed and feature-rich, the gesture controls work great, and you have lots of customization options, including a well-done dark theme. While the U. That was possible thanks to the waiver obtained by the company from the US government that allowed it to provide updates to existing products.

You can read more about EMUI 10 and all the features it brings here. The bottom-firing speaker on the Huawei P30 Pro gets very loud. The wired USB-C earbuds in the retail box feel cheap in the hand, but they sound surprisingly good. Given the sorry state of USB-C headphones , you may want to opt for a wireless model — we have plenty of recommendations here.

The P30 Pro supports Bluetooth 5. The Huawei P30 Pro is not cheap, but neither are its competitors. For most users, GB of storage should be enough, but if you want to store lots of media locally, you can pop in a Nano Memory card. Use the money you save to get a nice P30 Pro case or screen protector. All color versions feature the same finish, so picking between them is a matter of taste. Shop around, Carphone Warehouse and potentially other retailers off trade-in options.

You may also bring in another device to get a discount on the P30 Pro. Huawei smartphones are not easily available in the U. We have an up to date timeline of the US vs Huawei saga here. Because the P30 Pro was released before the US ban came into effect, it was largely unaffected by it.

Huawei’s plan to escape Google could fix Android for everyone | WIRED UK

The device has received regular system and security updates. Huawei can continue to work with Google to support existing models like the P30 Pro, as long as the US government extends the partial ban exemption it allowed. So, should you buy the Huawei P30 Pro? If you want the best camera, the best battery life, or just a really good all-around smartphone, the answer is a strong yes. But they pale in comparison to its strong points.

Huawei P30 Pro Review

Interested in learning more about the Huawei P30 Pro? Listen to it below and subscribe! Bogdan Petrovan bogdan David Imel Durvidimel. Bogdan Petrovan David Imel. Buy at Amazon. See Price at Amazon. About this review: While writing this review, David and I used Huawei P30 Pro review units supplied by the manufacturer over a period of 10 days. We fully understand that mobile phones are becoming increasingly expensive to purchase and own.

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The curved display definitely needs better palm rejection in order to make one-handed use easier. Depending on the size of your hands, you will either be able to manage one-handed use just fine or struggle as I did. For a smartphone that costs Rs 71,, it is unreasonable for a company to not give the absolute best. When we said that the front of the Huawei P30 Pro is all glass, we meant it. There is no earpiece on the smartphone, removing the only point on the front that used to be glass-free.

Instead, the company has placed a piezoelectric exciter right underneath the display, resulting in an "acoustic surface. The first few times you take calls after setting up the phone, a prompt on the display tells you where to place your ear. The placement is rather natural and a little deviation from the perfect placement won't hamper your auditory experience.

Huawei P30 Pro review

Its a pretty clever trick and we hope that more manufacturers start using the technology. We found that while the speaker itself offered impressive audio levels and good clarity, the microphone too worked well to filter out ambient noise and deliver clean audio even to the person on the other end of the line. The chipset features a core structure, with 2 Cortex A performance cores clocked at 2. To test the effectiveness of the system, we ran the phone through our extensive suite of tests, which we break down into CPU, GPU and real-life testing. The Kirin powered phone offers adequate performance for any task you may throw at it, whether it's gaming, photo editing or even conducting business.

While the performance is satisfactory now, we are more concerned about what it would be like 6 months from now, so we will revisit this section one again in 6 months. The Huawei P30 Pro hero feature is the camera stack, which features a number of firsts. The megapixel sensor uses a novel pixel arrangement which uses yellow pixels instead of green, allowing it to apparently collect more light.

The other notable feature here is the 5x optical zoom lens, which also extends the zoom to 10x hybrid.

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However, a clear summary of our findings are below. For starters, the RYYB sensor has shown to be immensely effective in low light, capturing shots in practically pitch-dark situations. We were surprised to see the software process really bring out the colours and illumination, albeit at the sacrifice of detail.

IT is still very impressive, however, to have taken a photo of a completely unlit landscape, only to have the image be well light, and the stars also show in the sky.

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  4. Specs and Performance.

The ultra-wide 16mm lens on the P30 Pro is again prone to some distortion as will always be the case with wide angle lenses, but thanks to the presence of auto-focus, allows for more flexible use of the camera. The images do come out pretty sharp though, and while day time performance is impressive, low light shots could have been far better.

The 5X optical zoom is incredibly powerful in of itself, offering a mm field of view. Additionally, trying to shoot in low light at anything over 5x results in some level of shake. We were able to walk away with some photos of the moon, thanks to the mm focal length offered by the digital zoom. However, trying to hand-hold any shot at that focal length is excruciatingly painful due to the motion introduced not only by your hand but also by the optical image stabilisation assembly.

Even the minutest of movements translate to massive shifts in the framing.