How to set up mobile phone location Honor 20

Step 7 of 8 If you select Use GPS only , your mobile phone can find your exact position but it may take longer as there is no access to supplementary information from the mobile network or nearby WLANs. Step 8 of 8 Press the home icon to end the session and return to the Home screen. Find "Location services".

Activate or deactivate GPS. Select positioning method. Return to the Home screen.

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I did not find my device. My e-mail address for inquiries optional. Get information on Click on Contacts and SyncDroid will automatically show the details of the contacts.

Huawei P20 Pro

By kicking the name of the contact to add more details on the target. Step 4 Button Backup to migrate the contacs to PC. Syncios Android Manager enables you to freely backup important files without data loss. Step 5 If you want to track back someone's contact, you can click on Recovery to send the contacts on PC to your phone. In no case of overwritten data on your phone, key De-duplicate can be used to clear out the repeated ones.

Note When the backup file is stored on the computer, the format of the file should be noted. Open it on your computer with the corresponding tool. End If you are going to sort out other functional folders like photos or SMS, similar steps of Contacts go to other items management. Backup, Recover, Delete and Edit are easily to pick up. For more detailed product tutorial, you can refer to Syncios Android Featured Topics. In part 2, we have mentioned how to selectively back up the items to computer like Music, Photos and SMS. However, a user-friendly toolkit is designed to back up and restore all the data to Huawei Honor 20 in one click.

At the absence of professional storage for backup like iTunes, Huawei Honor 20 can sync the data with assistance of 1-Click Backup on Syncios Android Manager swiftly. Step 2 Click on Toolkit to directly arrive the button 1-Click Backup before popping up One Key Backup to guide you to select the data you need to backup. And then kick on Start Backup. Data selected will be stored to your PC. By clicking on the button and then to enter the One key Recovery , you are guided to choose the data you need to recover.

Use the App Tray

You don't need a PIN, fingerprint, or any other delaying input to make this happen - it bypasses everything. Take a quick photo: A double-tap of the volume-down button launches the Camera app and immediately takes a photograph. Unless you're playing music, in which case it just dips the volume. Quick-launch shortcuts: From the lock screen it's possible to swipe up to quick-launch shortcuts for five baked-in apps: Quick-access Recorder, Flashlight, Calculator, Stopwatch, QR code.

How to Set Up Honor 20 - Activation and Configuration Process

Change or affix wallpaper or share a cover: Above this row is the ability to. Covers are essentially rotating wallpapers which Honor pulls from assorted galleries - or you can select your own. Covers auto-update to coincide with EMUI software updates. Virtual Navigation Bar is the default, with back, home and recent apps arranged from left to right.


Off-Screen Navigation Key: This allows the home key to be used with gestures, as so: press to return home; swipe left or right to open recent apps; tap to go back. As the trio of typical Android soft keys won't be on the home screen it means more space to enjoy your content, without less need to reach up across the phone screen during use. This floating virtual key can be positioned anywhere around the screen and doesn't disrupt the presence of the Navigation Bar although this can be hidden with a down arrow if you prefer.

Tap to go back; press-and-hold to go to homescreen; press, hold and drag to display recent apps. Motion Control: There are three options that can be independently switched on, off or adjusted for deeper customisation:. By using a hard knuckle to write on the screen rather than a softer finger, a second layer of commands can be instructed:.

If you're content with your app icons being present across your homepages, the default Standard layout will suit you fine. If you prefer an App Drawer - where all apps are contained to tidy up the home screen, as per some other stock Android phones by default - this can be activated too.

Huawei P20 - Activate or deactivate GPS | Swisscom

One of our favourite features in the Honor 10 is the dual SIM functionality - ideal if you have a business number and a personal one, all within the one phone. There's no microSD card slot, however. Honor and Huawei call it App Twin. Secure second login: If you want a secure second login space, this is also possible via PrivateSpace. The setup process will ask you for a second PIN and different fingerprint login. The setup process will ask for a different password, ask you to fulfil some security questions, and then it's possible to add files to a Safe gallery - whether sensitive images, video, documents or similar.

It's quicker to access this safe than to move over to a PrivateSpace, so will be more convenient for many. Alert notifications are useful, but you won't want to necessarily receive them all the time from every app.

Help and support

Notifications can be individually dismissed, by swiping them away, but you can also setup an individual app's level of notifications too, to apply to all future settings. Within individual app there are options to control:. This opens controls for:. There's a toggle for Notifications Turn On Screen here. You can schedule DND, add additional time rules custom, per day , event rules from calendar , or allow alarms and priority interruptions only.

If this is absent, select the edit pencil-like icon up top and drag DND into your active shade shortcuts. This pop-up banner has a blue arrow to its top right corner, hit this to open the other individual settings to adjust. The Honor has a 3,mAh battery capacity that lasts rather well throughout a day.

But there are additional ways to eke out that extra bit of battery life too. There are three battery modes:. Select individual or batch select apps, where auto, secondary and run-in-background settings can be disabled individually. Smart Resolution: Rather than using full resolution all the time, this mode downgrades app's output to help preserve battery life. Or you can affix a specific screen resolution, choosing to always lower the output. Honor allows you to adjust the colour to suit your eyes, your mood and your content.

This filters out blue light to relieve visual fatigue when reading for long periods. It makes the screen look rather yellow, though.