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How to find it How do i remove the restriction of outgoing or incoming calls on my phone caused from location? Can I track a location of a phone thru the imei without it being lost? Post thread. Laptop General Discussion.

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  5. Dec 28, I can't find my phone inside house but it's inside. How to find it. Sep 18, How do i remove the restriction of outgoing or incoming calls on my phone caused from location?

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    Jun 26, Jun 16, Apr 19, My location old history ggg. Dec 6, Nov 14, Other things like email or social media, you can turn notification off for them because that are much less useful.

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    You can also select the option to never show notifications or show silently without waking the screen, vibrating or pinging. GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi also consume power on your device when enabled as it forces the device to remain connected to the server, maps, or other devices they are connected to Bluetooth. Alternatively, you can do all these at once using the previous method which is to enable Airplane mode on the phone. Again, the brighter the screen, the more power it requires and uses up.

    Hence, setting it lower down to an appropriate level can help preserve the battery. Android devices like the Galaxy A3 have this feature that helps maximize battery life and extend power down to the last few minutes. When enabled, other features like screen animations, background syncing, and location services are disabled, thus lessening workload of your phone.

    Mysterious '1' notification spooks Samsung Galaxy owners

    You can set it not to conserve CPU power, screen brightness, or vibration feedback and select whether or not to disable data connection when the phone is idle. Marshmallow and Nougat have a default mode called Doze which lessens the amount of battery used in standby mode by stopping most apps from getting online or preventing the phone from waking with notifications.

    The updated Doze version in Android Nougat already has tighter restrictions on which apps are allowed to sync for updates while the device screen is off and how often these apps can wake the phone up. Usually you will see a notification if an update is available.

    Samsung Galaxy A3 SM-A300H (Dual SIM, GSM)

    If there is then follow the onscreen instructions to download and install the new update file for your device software. This page is divided into several sections and each section contains categories, which you can find below.

    How to find out your iOS version

    It is imperative you take time troubleshooting your phone if you encounter problems with it. There are those that can easily be fixed by basic troubleshooting procedures and doing so may save your from a trip to the tech.