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While you can turn off any of the Motion Sense features on the Pixel 4 individually or all together , if Motion Sense is enabled, it's always detecting you. Google says that its technology uses a 60GHz radio frequency, doesn't travel very far and has passed all requisite safety requirements. This is how Google visualizes the Pixel 4's Soli radar sensor to detect your presence and motion.

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The Pixel 4's chip has a degree field of view, which means that it has spatial awareness everywhere in front of it and off to the sides. In terms of depth -- how far in front of the phone it's sensing -- a Google rep told me that it's looking at least 0. Radar, too, isn't distinct enough to pick up a detailed picture of your hands or face, for example. The Soli sensor is tuned to look for blobs of mass and motion, not people. The company's keeping quiet about future plans, including if it will add a radar sensor to the back of the phone as well. A rep did say, however, that Google could potentially use Soli's ambient awareness to boost your productivity on the phone and build out a larger gesture vocabulary.

When Google does anything, rivals pay attention. Google's Android OS powers roughly nine out of 10 smartphones on the planet, but it's likely that the company wants to keep its Motion Sense and secure face unlock secrets to itself. It even developed its Titan M chip on top of Qualcomm's base to add its own layer of security.

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That said, it'd be easy to see other phone-makers pursue both a better system of gesture control than using the camera to sense you, as well as the level of secure face unlock found in the Pixel 4, a feat few have accomplished. There's much more to learn about the Pixel 4's specs, looks and features , including a bundle of new camera improvements that promise incredible low-light prowess and how it compares to its biggest rival phones you can buy now. Here's everything Google announced at its event this week. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read.

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What's the deal with radar on a phone anyway? Jessica Dolcourt. The Pixel 4 is the first phone to use radar. In the Pixel 4, Google added a second rear camera: A 2X zoom.

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The specifications on both cameras are Competitors now have three rear cameras, and most include an ultrawide in addition to a wide. The celestial photography mode? It looks cool in a demo, but it's not particularly useful. It's a gimmick. Google's competitors have caught up big time with night modes, image processing, and machine learning. Google's camera is no longer unique. But the free cloud-based photo storage on Google Photos is still a good value, right? Sadly, it no longer is. Instead of storing the photos in "original quality," it only stores them in "high-quality" mode.

That's the same as every Android, and the iPhone gets. So, zero privileges here for owning a Pixel device. The 6GB of RAM on the phone doesn't always present itself as a problem, but if you keep a lot of apps open like I do -- such as Outlook, Teams, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook -- you'll begin to see performance degradation.

I tried to turn it on. It didn't work. It means Google didn't adequately prepare its carrier partners to accept BYOD devices on their network. Google should not claim that its phone works perfectly on all US carrier networks if it doesn't.

What's the deal with radar on a phone anyway?

Well, it doesn't. But a Google Pixel? We are talking about the reference standard Android phone -- the very same it sells in its retail stores! But I'm not. I'm 50 years old; I yell at children in the streets, and when I pay a grand for a slab of finely engineered metal, glass, and semiconductors, I expect it to work.

That said, I am not waiting weeks or months to see if this issue resolves itself. If Apple can figure out how to make all its direct sale devices work between carriers without problems, then Google should be able to figure that out, as well. Yeah, maybe I'm buying my Google crap from Amazon or a big-box retailer from now on.

Perhaps it will do better next year, but I am very disappointed with this device. All these would be bad enough, but this smartphone has an ultra-premium price tag, and for that price, I expect much better. Are you disappointed in your Google Pixel 4 and considering returning it? Talk Back and Let Me Know. Mars up close: NASA takes the biggest interplanetary selfie ever.

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