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However, both the Nokia 7. Up close you can see slight pixellation, and the effect is more noticeable when you read an article on the phone. The curves or fonts really show off the lower pixel density. Colour performance is closer to the Moto G series than that of a top-end phone too. As a fan of more natural colour profiles, I think both look great. However, unless you go looking for the deficiencies, they are not that obvious. As implied in the name, the Motorola One is an Android One phone.

Moto Mod Instashare Projector in 2019!

They use Pixel UI, which has a few distinct visuals elements of its own, but ultimately feels similar. Motorola says it promises to give the One two major Android updates: Android 9. At launch it runs Android 8. In theory the use of Android One should mean the phone also gets updates, and regular security patches, more quickly than other phones. Related: Best Android phones.

Little of the Moto series character is lost too. Moto Display is the most important. This screen fades notifications in and out when the phone is in standby, and also turns on briefly when the One is picked up. A couple of Moto gestures are packed-in too. These are useful, particularly the flashlight, as long as you train yourself to remember they exist.

That means no annoying lag, no strange delays as you wait for the keyboard to appear or text input to catch up with your fingers. However, it does do its job well. Fairly well-optimised games like Asphalt 8 run great.

Moto Z4 Key Features

Gamers would be better off with the Honor Play , a phone with an almost bizarrely powerful processor considering its price. It uses the Kirin , also seen in the Huawei P20 Pro. The Motorola One also only has a single speaker. However, sound quality is perfectly solid. During testing I used it for Waze-powered GPS driving instructions and it had no problems competing with the sound of the engine.

Samsung Z4 All Apps

The Motorola One has a megapixel rear camera with a secondary 2-megapixel one for Portrait mode shots, where the background is deliberately blurred. This is a pleasant camera that seems to suffer from shutter lag less noticeably than the Moto G6 Plus did at launch.

However, competition is a signifiant issue. Around the same price, the Nokia 7. In a day-light shot of a 20m-away building, the Honor 8X retains much more fine detail in the brick work than the Moto. Results from the Auto HDR mode used by default are occasionally inconsistent too. When it works you can get some really quite stunning images.

However, select the wrong focal point and you can end up with some serious overexposure. This is all down to the approach to metering, but the software is otherwise good. The Auto HDR has done a decent job here, but the brickwork detail has not been properly rendered.

Motorola Moto Z4 render reveals single 48MP camera, Moto Mods support

This may not be the sharpest shot but the brightness of the scene is good. The Moto One is not immune to overexposure, particularly if you pick the focal point. The Moto One uses a custom Motorola camera app. This part feels a little sluggish, but is a powerful demonstration of how far image recognition in consumer devices has come. Indoors images taken in less than perfect lighting lose clarity and saturation. This is an area where the Honor 8X gets ahead, sort of. Consider the OnePlus 6 instead. It has specs that rival the best phones in its price bracket, and interesting quad pixel tech for improved photography.

As we mentioned above, Moto Mods are accessories sold by Motorola which clip onto the back of the phone and give new or improved features. The Moto Z4, according to the Reddit user, shipped with a battery case and a degree camera attachment. The phone also seems to come with some Amazon bloatware, including support for Alexa. It can be removed, though, which should be some consolation for any anti-Amazon users.

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The Amazon page for the phone has been taken down, but you can access an archived version of the page here. A solid mid-range Android phone with one unique and well-loved quirk in Moto Mods. However, the biggest challenge will come from the latest Google Pixel phones. When it comes to quirky phones, though, the Z4 could have met its match in the Sony Xperia 10 Plus. The Sony phone comes with a crazy-tall 6. This makes the screen three times as tall as it is wide. So, big screen or unique modular system? We're sorry this article didn't help you today — we welcome feedback, so if there's any way you feel we could improve our content, please email us at contact tech.

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Here are the key specs: Runs Android 9 Pie 6. But how does it stack up to the competition? Keep an eye on Tech. Read more of the latest tech news on Tech. The Facial Recognition Fightback. Share this post facebook linkedin flipboard twitter whatsapp.