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The biggest UI change you'll notice in Android Go is the new Recent Apps screen, which has been reworked to use less memory. First, the layout is different. Normal Android shows large app thumbnails in an overlapping, scrollable list, but Android Go uses a vertical grid of smaller thumbnails that don't overlap. Normally, Android displays the Recent Apps thumbnails in the full resolution, but that resolution is noticeably cut down on Android Go to save memory.

When you tap on an app in Recents, the thumbnail will expand to fill the screen while the app loads. This is a nice trick to make you think the app is loading faster than it is, and while on regular Android, the thumbnail-to-app swap is seamless, you will definitely notice when the low-res, full-screen thumbnail transitions to a real, full resolution app.

Everything shifts from blurry to crisp when you switch apps. The new Recent Apps list caps out at nine entries. Scrolling is considerably slower than on normal Android, just because fling scrolling doesn't work anymore. The scrolling behavior really likes to lock into an app thumbnail and come to a stop, rather than the free-flowing cascade of normal Android.

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Android manages open apps automatically, but if you want to wipe everything out yourself, there's a feel-good "clear all" button pinned to the bottom of the Recent Apps screen. It looks like someone forgot to design it though. It's just a black rectangle.

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Most of these are flagship-centric features you would not expect to get on a low-end device. Google likes to say Android Go has been "optimized for low-end devices" but doesn't often go into details about what exactly those optimizations are. This seems like a simple task, but it involves a lot of nitty-gritty details like tuning cache sizes, tuning swapping, and tuning all kind of threading parameters. Linux for a long time has been optimized for the server side. Even though Android has done a lot of changes, there's still a lot to do there. To help alleviate low-memory problems, Android Go is more aggressive at clearing memory from "low-priority" background processes.

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Before Go, Android's Activity Manager was the primary memory traffic cop, but with Go, Google is integrating Linux memory management techniques like CGroups to better limit, track, and isolate memory usage. Torstensson says this allows Android to be "much more aggressive with swapping away memory for low-priority processes and do a better job of selecting what processes to stop. Google is also promising a smaller RAM footprint for most apps thanks to an optimized Dex-file layout.

A Dex file is Android's executable bytecode format, which is generated by a compiler and zipped up into an APK to make an Android app. The compiler now uses device profile information to layout the Dex files, which Google says should result in lower RAM usage and faster startup times. Google Play Services, which contains myriad Google APIs various apps need to call on, is being re-architected and split into smaller chunks.

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With a more modular architecture, apps can only load the parts of Play Services that they actually need, saving memory. You must login or create an account to comment. Skip to main content Enlarge. I am trying to dump my phone and be watch only as I only care about making a call and keeping a GPS location on my kids or myself during traffic commuting. None of us would have a phone on us. Why did they advertise this watch with GPS then?

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When you are jogging, you don't want to bring your bulky phone, you want to leave it in the car and you could be miles away. So GPS on the watch makes sense. Same with wading though traffic. My Quartz can show my traffic without my cell phone on. If my cell dies, I would still have wanted to know where the traffic was on my watch, which I thought the GPS spec was how it would do this. Unfortunately, Google still consider the Android Wear 2. So some apps still depends on the phone despite the fact you can install them on the watch. You definitely can still use the watch as a stand alone device for making calls and tracking.

Though using google map would require the phone but for location tracking, it should be fine. Ask them, why the watch cannot use GPS standalone with maps? It's probably because of battery life, but that's where the blame belongs not on ZTE. This is good to know that there may be a future options one day to unlock the GPS potential.

However, for now what app does anyone recommend for tracking, as each one I try to install, "Ghosts" my ZTE watch as 'incompatible', but they will install just fine to phone e. Almost any tracking app that can pull the cellular and the GPS data should be able to use to tracking the device. If you just want to know the location of the watch, I just log into my google's Find My Device to pin the location. I have yet to find one that have like realtime tracking or location sharing feature that is compatible with AW though. A word with the location via GPS though. From my experience with AW, since the unit is so small, the signal may not be the strongest.

Also, as with any GPS devices, indoor reception is not going to work. Even outdoor, sometimes, I have trouble getting the GPS to lock the location in a crowded area or that it could take a bit of time to do so or I need to reboot the watch. Furthermore, running GPS on for extensive time on the watch would quickly drain the battery on the watch since unlike phone the watch cannot pack such a big battery.

Something to consider if you are planning to use the watch as a tool to track your kid's location.

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Currently, Android Wear still depend on the phone for some heavier tasks. And I think part of the reason is related to the battery and hte processing power on the watch that just cannot compete against what the phone can do. It is still more like a companion device and the benefit I guess is that as long as you have the phone nearby, you would able to get the information without pulling it out or unlock it. I use my watch as a stand alone gps tracker when I ride bicycles.

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I use the Strava app or Ghost Racer app. Works great! Can you hear me Google Maps?!!!!! And I get 6 hours of ride time running gps and cellular, so battery life is not an issue for me. GPS signal is very strong and I've never had a signal drop while riding in the past 6 months, and I log about miles a week. I don't know if there is an App for tracking someone wearing the watch.

Hello there. There may be a way if you know of a good GPS tracking app. You could always try to sideload it. Check out the video below. Also, there is a program for your computer to make it easier to sideload apps.

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