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With an introductory price of Rs 6,, the Nokia 2. But will it offer the same appeal at its original price of Rs 7, after June 30? We review the Nokia 2.

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The Nokia 2. As far as notches go, the droplet-shaped forehead is easy to accept and won't interfere with your viewing experience. The front looks a lot like the Nokia 4. The bezels around the display are a lot thinner compared to the Nokia 2.

By reducing the bezels, the Nokia 2. The back of the Nokia 2. However, the Nokia 2. This time around, HMD Global allows you to remove the battery so that you can swap it for a newer one. That being said, you can trust Nokia phones to offer a solid build and the Nokia 2. The phone feels sturdy and the weight is light enough at around grams.

The volume and power buttons are placed on the right and the Google Assistant button is on the left. The 3. You can also long press the button to make long requests it works on lock screen as well. The button works even on lock screen which makes it convenient. That being said, it takes a while for Assistant to pop up, which can test your patience.

The display offers good colours that look deep and pleasing. Brightness levels are decent indoors, but will leave you wanting more under sunlight. With a p resolution, you can't expect to find a lot of sharpness while watching videos or playing games. The jagged edges and pixelation is visible while streaming content on Netflix or YouTube. Last year's Nokia 2. It was also an Android Go phone that ran on a forked version of Android Oreo with lightweight and toned down Go-based apps. It has also been upgraded from Android Go to Android One, which is great to see.

This means the phone runs on a complete Android Pie software with all its bells and whistles. On the performance side, the Helio A22 doesn't do much to make the phone snappy. Apps are slow to open and the general touch response felt slow. Even running day-to-day tasks like messaging on WhatsApp, browsing through some social media apps or opening, reading and responding to a mail felt sluggish and often tiresome.

Even trying to quickly open the camera app from the lock screen would often fail, which could be a software issue as well. You get the full Pie experience with features like Adaptive Display, Adaptive Battery and the pie navigation gesture, which I still find hard to get used to. With Android One, you also get the guarantee of at least to major software updates and three years of monthly security patches.

HMD has confirmed that the Nokia 2.

The benefit of having a stock Android phone is that it offers a clean user interface free of bloatware. You won't find any extra preloaded apps or heavy customisations. It should help keep the phone smooth in the long run. The entry-level Nokia phone does not offer a fingerprint sensor, but it does get face unlock, which is quite slow. In daylight settings, the front camera will take a couple of seconds to unlock the device, and this get progressively longer and unreliable as the sun goes down. The single speaker on the back is easily blacked while playing games or watching something, while the audio quality is quite average.

The cameras on the Nokia 2. It gets a single megapixel primary camera on the back with LED flash support and a 5-megapixel selfie camera. Control volume. Battery life. Save on data roaming costs. Write text. Date and time. Clock and alarm. Connect with your friends and family Calls.

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Send and receive messages. Get social. Camera Camera basics. Record a video. Use your camera like a pro. Save your photos and videos to a memory card. Your photos and videos. Internet and connections Activate Wi-Fi. Use a mobile data connection. Browse the internet. Close a connection. Music and videos Music. Organise your day Calendar. Maps Find places and get directions. Download and update maps.

Use location services. Apps and services Google Play. Software updates and backups Update your phone software. Back up your data. Restore original settings and remove private content from your phone. Protect your phone Protect your phone with your fingerprint. Access codes. Product and safety information For your safety. Network services and costs. Emergency calls.

Take care of your device.

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Crossed-out wheelie bin symbol. Battery and charger information. Small children. Medical devices.

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Implanted medical devices. Protect your device from harmful content. Potentially explosive environments. Certification information SAR.