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Xiaomi Mi 9 Smartphone Review

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Doron Ezon Members. Jul 11, 95 Hello friends Google has a known issue with storing location history mainly for Android 10 upgrades. There are countless articles on the subject but it does not seem to be absolute and some do, it does work for them. Has anyone here upgraded to version 9. If so, I'd love to know that since I'm considering resetting to factory settings to see if the problem is mine. Many thanks Doron.

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  • Aug 1, Inbrzy said we should wait for gaps update. Jun 8, 16 Location History did not work for me with the first Android 10 releases. That's why I downgraded to the last Android 9 release 9. Since this release it seems to be ok. Davi Busanello Members. Dec 5, 27 I'm using 9. For me didn't work since the first release of Android Jul 25, 10 Gesendet von meinem MI 9 mit Tapatalk. Mar 19, 95 NostraPT Members. Nov 12, 44 There are a few picture or video modes that some users will make the most of, but each had a drawback.

    Slow motion video is always a cool feature, however on the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 this is captured the ultra-wide snapper, but cropped to fit the same field-of-view as the main picture, which results in a loss of image quality. In fact, all low-light images from the phone camera looked a little noisy, regardless of which snapper was used, although the main camera pulled in enough light to compensate at times. But the main and portrait snappers more than make up for the shortcomings of the rest, and overall the handset takes incredible pictures.

    If Xiaomi was looking to create a phone that could genuinely rival the best from the likes of Apple and Samsung, it could have opted for the top-end at least when the Mi Note 10 launched the Snapdragon chipset, which would have comfortably handled everything demanded of it. However, ifyou look at the Mi Note 10 more as an accomplished mid-range phone, rather than a pretender to the premium throne, the sub-par processor becomes less of an issue, and you may feel that you can live with the occasional crash and short delay given the price of this handset.

    When it comes to gaming, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 makes the most of the Snapdragon G chipset, and we rarely noticed stutters while playing top-end games like Call of Duty Mobile.

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    Something that we found pretty impressive in the Mi Note 10 is the speaker, which delivers good quality audio with sufficient volume. The inclusion of a 3. On top of that certain app folders only ones that come already on the phone, none ones you create suggest extra apps to download, which clutter up your phone.

    Xiaomi Mi 9 Hard reset

    We rarely experienced stuttering when navigating the menus, and apart from a few large games, apps opened promptly. In fact, we found the Mi Note 10 only lasted roughly a day between charges, which was a little underwhelming given to the huge size of the battery. We expect the culprits responsible for draining the battery are the high-quality display, as well as the particular chipset used here.

    In fact the charging speed was so fast that we got out of the habit of charging the Mi Note 10 overnight — the device was powered up enough as we got ready for bed that there was no need to leave it plugged in for the whole night. If you want to take incredible-looking pictures, or fantastic portrait shots, this is the phone for you.

    The curved screen and rear of the Mi Note 10 mean it feels good in the hand, regardless of how big or small your hands are. So if you want a cutting-edge camera, curved-edge screen, and snappy charging, without paying top dollar, this is a great phone for you. For a long time the Huawei P30 Pro topped our list of the best camera phones. Read our in-depth Huawei P30 Pro review. Read our in-depth Realme X2 Pro review.

    Xiaomi Mi Note 10 review

    Home Reviews. Our Verdict The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is a powerhouse in so many ways, from its camera and screen quality to its charging speeds and sleek look; it's just a shame there are a few weak spots which cast a shadow over the experience of using the phone. For Incredible camera capability Swift charging speeds Top-end screen quality.

    Display tips and tricks

    Against Weak chipset Bluetooth connectivity unreliable Battery life a little underwhelming. Image credit: Future The Mi Note 10 screen is curved — more on the display shortly — and the rear of the smartphone is curved too, more so than on most other devices.

    Best Xiaomi phones:

    Display The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 has a 6. Image credit: Future Everything here is on point: colors are rich, contrast is suitably stark or subtle to fit the photo, and images are bright. Image 1 of 4 Image credit: Future Ultra-wide. Image 2 of 4 Image credit: Future 1x zoom. Image 3 of 4 Image credit: Future Optical zoom limit. Image 4 of 4 Image credit: Future Digital zoom limit. Image 1 of 2 Image credit: Future A selfie without bokeh. Image 2 of 2 Image credit: Future A selfie with bokeh.