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If you can't remember your number, ask a friend or use Contacts to look it up.

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You can also try to make a call using Hangouts or a similar service. Sign out of your Google account on your lost phone so that no one else can access it. You will still be able to ring, locate, lock and erase your phone. Your operator may be able to help by disabling your SIM card, ordering a new SIM card or redirecting your calls to a new number.

Fix LG V40 ThinQ GPS Issue With Accuracy Calibration Problems

This may also help protect you from identity theft since a finder could use text messages to access your information, send messages on your behalf, or make expensive calls. By choosing Erase, you'll activate Android Device Manager as your device administrator. This is required to remotely lock or erase your phone and to change the screen lock.

Open your device's Settings. Open play. Open android. Note: If this device has more than one user profile, sign in with a Google Account that's on the main profile. To use Find my Device , your device must be: Powered on. Signed in to a Google Account.

Connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi. Location turned on. Find My Device turned on. Log in using the same Google account that was setup on the lost device. Looks like LG support is pretty out-dated. When setting up the device initially this didn't work.

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I was messing around with the menus trying to do something else and was able to get it to work. I guess this request would be more for 'official' support, since it does seem to work today. Hey espguitarist33! Nice suggestion, thanks for sharing. We look forward to hearing what other community members think about making the LG V40 fully compatible with Fitbit. I've uninstalled the app, reinstalled, unpaired, re-paired, shut down completely both devices, nothing is working.

Suggestions please? What feature isn't working for you? Getting the messages and other notifications to work turned out to be a simple matter of going into the settings on my phone and actually turning on the notifications. Whatever pre-configured setup was in there failed for me though. Like I said, I've shut down both devices, re-started, can't get them to work together. I agree! Please update the compatibility with the LG V Since updating my phone in December, my Versa is basically useless.

The Versa is my 3rd fitbit - I love it, but when it's not compatible with the app it has become a very expensive step counter. Please update. I have a fitbit ionic and it worked great until the up date in Dec on my lg phone. Now it will not contact with my lg phone. It is a step counter thats it. I am thinking of just getting something other than fitbit that will work and cheaper.

I too lost compatability with my Flex 2 after a November or December update. The same 'Bluetooth issues' that other posters have. This is my third LG and I love them. Please work on the compatibility between Fitbit and LG V I really miss all the features I used to have, and have contemplated switching to something that will sync with my LG. After the last update I lost compatibility between my LG V40 and my fitbit versa.

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So disappointing! I have completed all the steps, restarted blaze and phone, unpaired, repaired, and have only gotten my phone to sync with my fitbit once. I hope this phone will be added soon. LG V40 user here and I also lost compatibility with my charge 2, so I thought it was the charge and purchased a versa and that doesnt work either!!! So frustrating that it is not compatible with a new phone!!

It would be nice if this were added to your platform of supported devices. Wish I would of found this place sooner.

LG V40 ThinQ Hands-On: 5 cameras on a phone

I just bought a Versa and can't get it to show messages, phone calls, just a very expensive step counter. I really hope someone does something to make this work! I have done all the steps both sides as asked. I have a LG V40 as well. Love the phone, just wish they could both get on the same page.

I wish I had seen this earlier. Recently got the v40 not thinking it wouldn't work. Just sold it on the fb marketplace.

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