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And the Moto G6 is pretty good at attracting them, although the black variant I have been testing does an adequate job of hiding them unless you're looking right at the phone.

Moto G6 at the best price

Fingerprints aside, Motorola is great at crafting devices that feel great in the hand. While the Moto G6 has a smooth back, i found the device doesn't get too slippery and still has a grip to it. Since it's an unlocked device, you get minimal branding on the back with a classic "M" for Motorola logo in the middle underneath the main dual camera.

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They did manage to sneak a dark gray Motorola logo under the display since this device has bezels. A majority of flagship devices have been shifting to an screen ratio, which gives you a bit more space and an elongated front. The Moto G6 opts for this ratio with a 5. After several days of use, I like the display, but it's not perfect.

It has mostly accurate color representation, although some vibrant colors can look over exaggerated.

Design-wise, the Moto G6 is a surprisingly nice phone for $250.

Glare can be an issue with direct sunlight — using it outdoors will usually mean the display won't look nearly bright enough. A smart person must have once said that clean Android is the right Android, and it's a software choice I support.

Gone are the days of Motorola's clunky user interface as the Moto G6 is running a version of Android 8. You get some simple design changes, like a circular clock and weather widget on start, along with a Moto app for some neat tricks. Of course, you also have the Google suite of apps pre-loaded, but many of these can be removed if need be. Messaging, sending emails, and VoIP calls were a breeze.

Motorola Moto G6

I challenged the G6's chip with the racing game Asphalt 8. It ran well for the most part, though the first run of the app took some time to open. It also froze a couple of times. Still, my go-to productivity and social apps Gmail, Twitter, Google Drive, Snapchat ran just fine, and I didn't notice any issues with normal Android system stuff apps running in the background, notifications, etc.

Moto G6 at the best price

Taking photos with the Moto G6 leads to an average image from afar, but lacking details when zoomed in. The Moto G6 camera struggles.

Motorola Moto G6 Play: tips and tricks to get the most out of your smartphone

My high hopes quickly vanished, however. For starters, the Moto G6 is slow to shoot or start recording, taking more time than you'd expect for to launch the camera app, and then it had difficulty focusing. There's also no burst mode so catching something quick is really not possible on the G6. The best bet for photos is to stand still and have a few seconds worth of time to stay still, as the phone processes it. Videos were grainy and don't do a good job of replicating detail; colors were a bit off, too. While the Motorola Moto G6 has its fair share of flaws, like lackluster speakers and poor network performance, it still has great bang-for-your-buck.

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Thanks to a clean install of Android and a surprisingly good camera, this phone is We really admire the Moto G series of phones. In fact, it's one of our favorite models year in and year out. The is exactly what we had hoped for, meaning it's a lot of handset for the money. As much as it makes sense to see flagships and big-budget phones across multiple carriers, we'd appreciate having these there, too. Understanding that a lot of pre-paid and second-tier service providers offer the Moto G6, we think it would be well-received at the bigger carriers. We're only too happy to evangelize the phone.

Moto G6 full review

The standard G6 really does strike the best balance here. As the quality gap between high- and low-end smartphones continues to shrink, the price between them seems to be growing bigger.

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  • Motorola says it's 'designed to impress'- and it does. The Moto G6 has risen to the competition and taken the lead again. The Moto G6, just like it's predecessors, brings the design and features from a mid-range phone to subK.