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Apple said that it would be adding a dedicated toggle to turn off the U1's tracking in a future update, but this leaves the question: What about these "international regulatory requirements" that the spokesperson mentioned? Image credit: Denys Prykhodov via Shutterstock. What is going on?

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It appears that when Apple told us why location services seemed to be running even with all tracking switched off in settings except the master switch , we weren't getting the whole story. Apple is saying that this behavior is caused by the new U1 chip and its "ultra wideband" technology.

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Oh, and something about international regulations. Load Comments 5. User Comments: 5 Got something to say?

Post a comment. When there is quasi monopoly, the seller makes the choices, not the buyer. By the way, how could a consumer buy anything else? Have been often confronted to people either on apple or windows unable to communicate with each other.

That seems to back up what experts have discerned so far. Apple said it will provide a new dedicated toggle option for the feature in an upcoming iOS update. I found these problem since iOS Powered by WordPress. Privacy Policy. Subscribe to RSS. Follow me on Twitter. Join me on Facebook. Krebs on Security In-depth security news and investigation.

December 4, at pm.

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Still no reply from Apple? December 5, at pm. Smarty Pants. December 5, at am. The option to disable tracking should be SOP.

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December 7, at pm. Privacy is a growing concern in today's world. Follow along with all our coverage related to privacy, security, and more in our guide. Apple's iPhone 11 includes dual cameras, night mode for cameras, new colors, and more. He also writes fiction, with two technothriller novels, a couple of SF shorts and a rom-com! December 4, Be sure to check out our homepage for all the latest news, and follow 9to5Mac on Twitter , Facebook , and LinkedIn to stay in the loop.

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