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My tinder logged out and logging in to it just makes me a new profile!! I have matches and when I get notifications I try to see them, and the app will not load. This is very frustrating. I have the gold version. It keeps saying there is a network error. Not impressed with Tinder in the least now. Very upsetting. Have unstalled the app and installed it again, many times and It doesnt Help. Its totataly locked. All my matches got deleted.

I tried logging out. Tried deleteing the app.

I even tried shutting my phone off because I thought maybe it was just my phone. I dont know whats going on but this isssue needs fixing. Just keeps loading after several log outs, uninstall and reinstall, powered down twice. But now it says I have 0 matches and all of my conversations are gone!

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I am getting a logging in problem. It says oops there was a problem logging in to your accout or something. Please try again later. I just used it yesterday night before i went to bed. I do, in fact, have a connection to the internet. First all the women swiped left and now even tinder is swiping left telling me it wants nothing to do with me. What in the actual fuhhh…. Joined Tinder this month and majority of the time takes all day to upload so no swipes no matches no messages. When I open the app it shows matches from a year or two ago.

I purchased tinder gold, it showed the matches for a short period then disappeared, matches did too, and also some of the conversations. Im not paying for a non working app, will request refund ,also their support shows the latest ios is 9. What should I do. I login with phone number only not Facebook. Hi there anyone else not receiving notification alerts? Checked the app settings, as well as my phone. Still no luck, updated the app as well. No progress, this has been ongoing now for like a week.

If someone can help me with this issue. That would be greatly appreciated! Lost all matches and messages a week and half ago right after I purchased Tinder Gold…my account was locked then unlocked and poof everything disappeared and still nothing. Somtimes, all matches and messages are gone completely as recent as today. I have found it works to go into the settings, log out of the app and log back in and it kinda does a hard refresh on everything, then messages or matches show up again.

I get banner notifications on my iphone when I receive a new Tinder message. But today, 9. I had the same issues in the past few weeks.

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It seems like Tinder is forcing everyone to pay for their broken app. We might as well use this site to get matches. I swipe right on you. Tried to restart phone a few times but the problem persists. Awaiting further info from you, guys! Have a nice evening. Ever since this morning i cant log back in without the app wanting me to make a new account…help?!

Using tinder online at Google Chrome. BTW my bro also has the same problem.

FYI We have stable internet connection. Help ASAP. Yes, me too. No problems with logging in, but no new messages or mathes. My last conversations was on the 4th of September. Before I was very active user: Since that no replies.

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And I know they should be, I m sure Does anybody know how to solve a problem??? Is this happening for others? I was in the middle of talking to a knockout, goddammit. Should have gotten her number? I already tried haha Fuck me. Not working at all now. Maybe that new update grenaded their system, definitly not upgrading… why would I pay for a glitchy program that matches me with bots, hookers, and fat girls with 5 kids?

Yeah this is bullshit.

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I know so am I! Then I saw no reply for ages then I clicked on the app then this happened! You would think they would send out a message to say they were having problems are doing some sort of maintenance work on the system! I know right? Omg I just tried to log back into my account and it works again!!! Hmmm yes you are right it is now working, must have been a blip and everyone complaining! Good luck. Anyone else finding that it takes ages for messages to be received by matches and even some are not getting through?

When will this be fixed!?! Same exact shit happened to me weeks ago still on going with the same issues! Those fucking pieces of shit!

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Please fix! We were supposed to exchange numbers. I tried to log out and log back in as well and still nothing yet. Lost all matches..