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The sleek and elegantly packed mobile is a dual SIM phone that supports 4G Indian bands , 3G, 2G in both Nano sim slots, and is further accompanied with sensors like Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope. But higher-than-expected pricing has given its modest success outside China. User Reviews and rating 4. Rate Device Review Device. We have sent you a verification email. To verify, just follow the link in the message. Similar Gadgets. OPPO A5s.

Oppo A5s Review

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OPPO Videos. Critic Rating: - User: 4. Critic Rating: 3. From around the web. Recommended By Colombia. From Around the Web. Powered By. How can you fix it? First, make sure your location is enabled and then turn on high accuracy , as described in the steps above. You should now be able to go on the hunt for more Pikachus. If the error does not disappear, however, you will need to restart the app.

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If it still persists, log out of your account, close the application from the recent apps menu, wait a couple of seconds and re-open it. Once you log back in, the problem should be gone. Restarting your phone is always something you should try as well. Finally, you should also make sure you have the latest version of Pokemon GO or Ingress by checking the apps on the Play Store. Do you have any other tweaks to help improve your GPS accuracy? If so, share them in the comments.

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Thanks for the suggestion re: Samsung on Facebook. It won't delete your phone's data like photos, music, videos, etc. Resetting the network settings will only clear all network-related settings, like current cellular network settings, saved Wi-Fi network settings, GPS, Wi-Fi passwords, VPN settings, among others. Hope this helps! Nobody mentioned that you need to make sure the option to use wifi for higher GPS accuracy should be enabled. That helped me a lot. Question: Does wifi need to be enabled for this option to work?

It might seem obvious but perhaps not. I've noticed that when my wifi cannot find a saved access point my phone calls through google voice often fail. So I need to turn wifi off when out and about.

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  5. Would I get the highest accuracy possible when wifi is disabled? I'm wondering where the date for "released for civilian purposes" came from as Popular Mechanics states for the system being opened to the public. I only questioned this and looked for another source because I recall someone in my family having bought a commercial handheld Magellan GPS receiver back in the late 80s.

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    And if one is referring to the removal of the civilian data fuzzing, that wasn't until Again, according to Popular Mechanics. I'd provide the article URL, but my account is apparently too new for the stupid forum software to allow me to include a link.

    Paul, I wasn't necessarily questioning the semantics of "released for civilian purposes" and am aware of the ownership and access issues which you added to the fold. As far as the date, you too have stated it should be in the 80s. That's the germane piece which I wish the author of the article would address.

    There are comments dating back to yet somehow the article date currently shows it's only 2 months old. Maybe someone updated something in the article and bumped the date. Either the original published date should be retained or a separate "updated" date should be added. I also appreciate when a line is added stating what was edited.

    Oppo A5s review: Good battery life, display but camera and software need work

    Check configuration zone of this app, you can change a lot of settings. That's under a FOOT! Thanks, finding out about a add on GPS for my phone was a very big help! Try setting "use GPS only" rather than hi accuracy mode and see if this helps. I have been having trouble for about a week now and I think this helped. I am wondering if the cell tower data has been compromised. My Samsung i was able of detecting 13 gps satellites in about 4 seconds,on its peak, it can even detect 21, and use 13 of them at once, and it only needs 4 satellites to get a lock. Now it takes almost a minute to detect 13 satellites, and it wouldn't lock until it detects 17 or something, AND it only uses 5 satellites.

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