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iOS 13 gives you a way to selectively remove geolocation from shared photos

Turning off the Location using the new iOS 13 feature means that when you share it, that image does not carry the location metadata with it. Even if you have not yet installed iOS 13, or intend to wait till all the bugs are ironed out before doing so, you can still hide your geolocation from images you post to the public. In iOS 12, there are a few ways to strip geotags from photos and videos, but it takes some extra steps and is not as flexible, compared with iOS There are a variety of third party apps that you can use to remove iPhone Camera metadata.

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Here are a couple of our favorites. It lets you view iOS photo metadata such as date, file name, size, camera model, shutter speed, and location. You can check metadata and export an image without metadata. You can also see photo EXIF data, Safe Share by removing geotag and personal information, change the date and time of a photo, add or change geolocation data of a photo, edit multiple metadata at once, and save as a new copy or replace the original with a revertible version. Among its many functions is the ability to remove location information and add GPS metadata from a different image.

It lets you share photos without metadata on Twitter, Facebook, and email. What is Tidal? The hi-fi streaming music service fully explained 5 hours ago. Apple Music vs. Spotify 1 day ago. The best productivity apps for Android and iOS 2 days ago.

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About Instagram. Notoriety for anti-"hipsters" notwithstanding, Instagram was one of the first mobile apps that made photo effects and filters much more accessible. It's still a winner with its easy-to-learn editing and sharing tools. More images.

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Instagram is an application which allows you to share every photo taken directly from your Apple devices. You may also follow friends to check their photo updates. The application is preloaded with various photo filters which transforms your regular photos to a work of art.

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Instagram lets you post unlimited images for free. It is also possible to include your location for further details.

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It also support different websites like Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. From here, your friends can also view your uploaded image and you can also browse to view the popular images uploaded by other Instagram users.

You can even have cinematic looking videos thanks to the app's filters, custom stabilization and other tools.