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We have received quite a lot of complaints from our readers and among the most common issues are related to text messaging. In this post, I will tackle the texting issues sent by Samsung Galaxy A3 owners. We will have to look into all possibilities and try to rule out each of them until we can pinpoint what the problem really is and what needs to be done to fix it. There are also times when they occur due to network-related problems and only your service provider can fix. Now, before we jump to our troubleshooting guide, if even you found this post because you were trying to find a solution to different issue, then I suggest you visit our Galaxy A3 troubleshooting page for we have already addressed some of the most commonly reported issues with this device.

In this section, we will tackle the problem that occurs when you send text messages. Can you help? So, it is imperative that you do this step before doing any troubleshooting procedures.

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More often, network problems can be fixed after a few hours and all you can do is wait until further notice. However, if your phone can still make phone calls, then the problem might have something to do with the settings in your phone. The Message Center Number may appear like a phone number that needs to be set in your phone so that it can successfully send SMS or text messages. During my tenure as a technical support representative to one of the wireless companies in the U.

What we had to do is give the customers the new center number and walk them through setting it up in their phones and that should fix the problem. In this case, we have to consider this possibility so you need to check if your phone has the correct Message Center Number but following these steps:.

If you can see a number in the field, then try to check if the number is correct.

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You may search online for the correct Message Center Number of your service provider or you can call the hotline and ask the rep for it. So, backup your files and data as they will be deleted during the process and then reset your device….

Create a dedicated ICE Emergency Contacts group in your contacts:

After the reset, try to send a text message to your own number to see if it goes through and if you can actually receive it. Try to read the problem from one of our readers below before jumping to the troubleshooting steps…. Problem : Hello guys. I send text messages just fine but nothing is going in. Oh, and I did it 3 times just to be sure. Do you know how to fix this?

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My questions to you: Is anyone experiencing similar issues? Any hints how to improve accuracy in my case? Thank you! Senior Member. Join Date: Joined: Feb Im having issues with google maps, which i use it alot for driving Lets just hope it can be fixed with firmware updates And mine is A5 Edit- I download official firmware and reflash it.. Junior Member. Thanks Meter : 0. Join Date: Joined: Oct I find a3 Gps performance great Even indoors gps performance is great, is my first android mobile that can make a fast GPS FIX indoors, 3 meters from the window. GPS trail tracks also very good.

The iphone 7 has also bad GPS performance comparing.

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Normally i use gps only, and carried the mobile in hand, thought. And faster. No discussion about it. That said, I never compared both routes as you did. By the way, I don't think pedometer is a good comparaison object Join Date: Joined: May To improve quicker and accurate gps, you can switch off bluetooth and wifi scanning in Location setting top right Also possible it works better with wifi total off.

These are all signals in the ether conflicting a bit. OP Member. Thanks for the tips. I recently started testing again and maybe I found the cause to be related to my tracking app runtastic. When the route starts being off where I really am, and I open Google maps in parallel, it shows me being completely off track, like in a lake for example. And it stays this way while running: it moves forward, but still several meters off track.

Navigation menu

But then when I stop and close runtastic, the Google maps location suddenly jumps back on track where I currently am. I was able to reproduce this twice already, and next I will test with a different running app. Still, a weird problem that started appearing only with the a3.

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  6. Join Date: Joined: Dec Same problem on A5 Hello, any conclusion on this? It seems I have the same problem on my A5 Was it Runtastic? Regards, Laszlo.

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    Unfortunately not. I tried different apps, and also hoped the latest software update would improve the situation, but it's still the same. Probably hardware related, but I don't want to send it in. Thanks Meter : 1. I have a5 and the same error. I use Sporttracker a long time for running and in the A5 it is tracks innacurate. There is even innacurate speed and distance. I am dissapointed because my old S4 and even S2 were accurate!