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To be prepared to use one Android phone or tablet to find another, install the Find My Device app. Find My Device.

Google Help. Send feedback on Help Center Community Troubleshoot. Pixel Phone. Find your phone Be ready to find a lost Pixel phone. Be ready to find a lost Pixel phone To be prepared in case you lose your phone, you can check that Find My Device can find it. Learn how to check your Android version. Make sure Find My Device is turned on.

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Step 2: Check that Location is on Open your device's Settings app. Tap Location. Turn on Location. One caveat: you can't replace the battery on the Chipolo Plus.

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But that's changing with a new tracker from Chipolo. The Chipolo One features an even louder alarm, a replaceable battery and free out-of-range alerts. Read our full Chipolo Plus review. But we had trouble opening the back of the key finder to replace the battery. Read our full Tile Mate review. Range: 45 feet Battery Type: Replaceable Size: 1. The Orbit Key Finder is a tracker you'd be proud to attach to your keychain. With its brushed aluminum finish and 12 color options, you're bound to find an Orbit that fits your style. Orbit has handles its digital leash feature — where you receive an alert if you stray too far from your keys — better than many rival key finders.

The problem is once your phone and the Orbit lose their connection, it's very hard to re-establish a link over Bluetooth — or at least it was in our testing. And since the entire purpose of key finders is to help you pinpoint where your valuables are, we have a hard time recommending Orbit, even accounting for its eye-pleasing design.

The Orbit has a replaceable battery, but you'll need a separate plastic tool that ships with the key finder to open it and swap out the battery. That's an unnecessarily cumbersome approach when the Tile Pro just lets you slide the device open when it's time to change batteries. Read our full Orbit Key Finder review. Range: 60 feet Battery Type: Replaceable Size: 2 x 1.

But that's what Mynt ES offers. You're not sacrificing too much for the lower cost, as the Mynt's range is decent, and it's got a good digital leash feature.

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But you will have some frustrations. The documentation for the Mynt companion app is not very clear, and replacing the tracker's battery is more complex than it needs to be. When we tested the app, there was a mysterious bitcoin feature that seems superfluous to the task of keeping track of your keys. Even though the Tile Mate took a step backward, it's still a better value, and the new Chipolo One seems a better bargain, too.

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Still, if you want to pay the least amount of money for a key finder, the Mynt ES is up to the task. Read our full Mynt ES review. While the Tile Pro and Tile Mate can latch on to keys, collars and anything else with a hook or ring, the Tile Sticker can attach to just about everything. The idea is that you can use the Tile Sticker to attach and track items like laptops, passports and luggage which might have difficulty staying attached to other trackers.

The Tile Sticker benefits from a compact design, but that comes with a lot of compromises.

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Read our full Tile Sticker review. Always count on the actual range being less than what key finder makers advertise as walls, doors and other structures can interfere with signals. You'll want a good loud signal of at least 80 to 85 decibels so that you can hear your key finder over any ambient noise.

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In our testing, we've been impressed by the loudness of the Tile Pro as well as the Chipolo One. Some key finders also offer digital leash features, where your phone will get an alert if your keys are ever out of range. If it's a replaceable battery, count on about six months, though the latest Tiles with replaceable batteries promise a year's worth of battery life. Non-replaceable batteries should also last a year and offer a clearly defined replacement program for when your device is running low on juice.

You can track a purse, too, or a wallet, in addition to your keys.

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Some products, like Tile, even let you share your tracker with another user, so that both of you can pinpoint the location of your keys. Tile Premium gives you the ability to share your Tile tracker with unlimited users. We put every key finder we review through a series of tests. To test the volume of the alarm, we bury the key finder in a clothes hamper filled with laundry and see how far we can walk away before the alarm becomes inaudible.

We also check to how long the alarm sounds before shutting off. To test range, we go to a public park and leave the key finder behind. We check every 10 feet until we lose the signal or can no longer hear the alarm. We also take note of how quickly the key finder re-establishes a connection with our phone once it's back in range.

If a key finder promises a digital leash feature, we walk away, taking note of how long before we receive an out-of-range notification on our phone.