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Your smartphone utilizes a mix of GPS sensors and multiple tracking platforms like WiFi and cellular triangulation for practical purposes like navigating with the map application and finding nearby establishments.

Some third-party apps like Prey also give you more functionality for a marginal cost. These could come in handy when keeping tabs on your loved ones, too. I know there are privacy concerns, but sometimes the peace of mind and security that comes with knowing your loved ones are safe or safely on the way can be priceless. With Android, this can easily be done through Android Device Manager. The app is accessible both from the web interface or through a standalone Android app. While it is intended to be used for tracking your own device if it gets lost, this app can also be useful for keeping tabs on loved ones.

You can login from the web using this shared account, and you can then choose from among the different registered devices. Of course, this assumes that the devices you intend to track have an active data connection and have location services activated.

And using such a system should also mean that you have the permission of the person involved — your spouse, significant other or child, perhaps. They may not always be available to answer calls or texts, but I could at least use Android Device Manager to track their location, especially when wandering off to unknown or unwanted places would be cause for concern. For spouses or significant others, however, this might be a bit more intrusive, and it may actually be useful if you suspect infidelity — legal considerations aside! This topic is worth yet another post, altogether.

This is, of course, a rudimentary way of keeping track of kids, but it does work, even if within its limitations. The device comes with panic alerts, places notification, tamper alert and other features.

Monitoring Software Used on Samsung Phones

For now, ADM does the job for me. But if there are any other great ideas, apps or devices out there, feel free to contribute through the comments or through our Mailbag. Don't worry though, ADB commands are more daunting than complicated, as the process to remove system apps is pretty straightforward.

The first thing you need is ADB installed and open on your computer. Use the link below if you don't know how to accomplish this. Use this link to find your phone OEM and follow the instruction on how to obtain the correct drivers.

How to use Android Device Manager for tracking your kids

For Mac and Linux users, you can skip this step. Next, on your phone, head to the Play Store and install App Inspector.

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App Inspector will provide you the exact package name of Facebook and any other system app you wish to disable. The package name is located below the name of the app, starting with "com" or "net" followed by a series of words separated by dots. Input the following command into the command prompt or Terminal, replacing XX with the package name you just located.

When done correctly, you will see a message saying "Success," indicating Facebook is disabled from your device.

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Note that this doesn't uninstall the app, as it will return if you ever factory reset your device. If you had any trouble with Method 3, check out the link below for tutorial describing how to accomplish this one the LG V Except for the first two steps, you can follow along with any phone. Apps Installed. Web Activity.

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Application Blocking. Photo Log. GPS Locations Log. Phone Call Info. SMS Commands. The LIVE control panel lets you view the phone's screen in real time.

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Start Monitoring in Three Easy Steps When you're ready to start monitoring your child or employee's smartphone or tablet, you will be relieved to know that Mobile Spy is very easy to set up. Purchase Go to the purchase page and select the length of time you want to order for the Basic or Premium license. Complete all sections and agree to the Mobile Spy Legal Requirements. Then click the Place Order button and check your email. Install After the order is complete, you will be instantly emailed a receipt with your registration code, a link to download the program, and instructions for installing the software and adjusting the settings on the mobile you'll be monitoring.