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Despite the onslaught of affordable smartphones made by brands from China and beyond, India continues to have a love affair with Samsung. The Korean manufacturer has been selling its phones in the country for a long time, manufactures many of its devices in India itself, and has a fair amount of goodwill thanks to its excellent dealer and service networks. Therefore, any affordable option from Samsung needs to be taken seriously.

Enter the Samsung Galaxy M10, a smartphone that is incredibly fresh and different from what we've come to expect from Samsung.

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While the notch itself might be considered a disruptive design element, the idea of the notch is to allow a screen that occupies more of the front, and that's the look Samsung is going for here. We've put the new Samsung Galaxy M10 through its paces, and here's our review. A thin black border can be seen all around the screen, with it stretching almost till the top edge and leaving a narrow chin area at the bottom.

The back and sides of the Samsung Galaxy M10 are plastic, with curved edges and corners. The ports and buttons are all where we expected them to be, and the only thing that really stood out was the speaker grille at the back rather than at the bottom.

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This was common a few years ago, but now comes across as odd. It also causes audio to be slightly muffled when the phone is lying flat on its back, which can affect how loud the ringtone is. The top-left corner of the back of the phone has the dual-camera setup and flash, and you'll also see a Samsung logo and some regulatory text. The blue colour of our review unit looked good, but the plastic was prone to picking up fingerprints and smudges. Something that a lot of users will appreciate on the device is the SIM and external storage tray, which features dedicated slots for two Nano-SIM cards and a microSD card.

It's also worth pointing out that the Samsung Galaxy M10 doesn't have a fingerprint sensor, and you only have face recognition as a method of biometric security on the device. The screen on the phone is a 6. Perhaps its biggest issue is the resolution; at x pixels, you get a aspect ratio but it isn't very sharp. For basic usage, we didn't have too many issues, particularly with apps such as WhatsApp or anything that doesn't rely on heavy visuals.

The Samsung Experience UI looks alright even with the lower resolution, although we could see some grain around the app icons.

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However, we weren't impressed with the screen when using it with Netflix and simple games such as Subway Surfers. We also didn't quite like the colours and brightness, and found that things don't look very good at wider viewing angles. Furthermore, the screen appears dull unless you drag the brightness slider all the way to the maximum level. What we did like about the screen was its size, proportions, and edge-to-edge design. When it comes to specifications, the Samsung Galaxy M10 comes across as a bit disappointing.

Samsung Galaxy M10 Review

Under the hood is the Exynos 1. Fabricated on the 14nm process, this SoC was decent at the time of its launch but hasn't aged as well as competing SoCs from Qualcomm such as the Snapdragon You also get a 3,mAh battery and a 5W charger in the box. While the battery capacity is acceptable given the price and specifications of the phone, the charger isn't nearly as fast as it should be.

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During our testing it took a little over three hours to fully charge the device. The phone also uses the dated Micro-USB standard for charging and data transfers. The Samsung Galaxy M10 runs on Android 8. For anyone familiar with the software on Samsung's phones, the Galaxy M10's UI is just what you'd expect. While Samsung's smartphone software has improved of late, there is still a fair amount of bloat to contend with.

Preinstalled on the phone are a handful of Samsung's system apps, some Microsoft apps, and Daily Hunt. Not all of these can be uninstalled, which can be bothersome in the long run, especially on the lower variant with 16GB of internal storage.

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A couple of interesting aspects include the lock screen Stories feature and the dual-messenger feature. The former shows you different images on the lock screen which often have to do with current events and news but also a few ads , while the latter lets you have two instances of popular apps such as WhatsApp so you can use two different accounts on the same device. The Samsung Galaxy M10 features face recognition, but we found ourselves better off using a PIN or no security at all. The face recognition feature took a few seconds to unlock the phone each time we tried it, and often failed even in good lighting conditions.

With a dated processor, the Samsung Galaxy M10 is disappointing when it comes to performance. Apart from the slow face recognition, there are considerable delays in various other simple functions, such as switching from the camera to the gallery to view pictures we had just shot, reloading some background apps, and quick multi-tasking when we needed to switch between apps. We often even noticed a slight delay in responsiveness to taps within the UI itself, such as in the Settings app. You can run most popular apps, including instant messaging, social media services, and basic games without much trouble once they've loaded up.