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The real surprise is in the upper part, where you can see a new pop-up mechanism with a very strange "shark fin" shape Pivot Rising Camera that contains inside the front camera and the front and rear LED flash. This ploy has allowed the manufacturer to get a display free of notches or holes and a screen-body ratio of What is the best place for the front camera?

This allows you to unlock your smartphone without lifting the fin, although the mechanical system has been tested as many as thousand times without showing any problems.

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OPPO also stated that the mechanism has a protection system in case of accidental fall if it slipped from the hands. OPPO Reno will initially be available in two beautiful colors, Ocean Green and Jet Black, but what is most disappointing is the absence of an IP68 certification : be careful not to immerse it in water. The 6. As we are accustomed to these times, even the lower frame of the Reno is more pronounced than the upper one and the sides, but you will soon notice after using it for some time.

This screen is also equipped with a mode that OPPO calls Night Shield that would be able to reduce blue light emissions without compromising the colors reproduced.

OPPO Reno Z (Aurora Purple)

It's the same mode you've seen on the Galaxy S10 and it works pretty well. The software on board is Android 9 Pie, customized by the manufacturer's proprietary interface, the ColorOS, which differs greatly from Android stock, which is why you need to spend a lot of time in his company before getting used to it.

Apart from that, the operating system seems to run fast and fluid and showed no problems during the short test. In contrast to its older brother, the Reno in the "standard" version does not offer the possibility of memory expansion via microSD cards. Although we were able to spend very little time with this device, the first impressions from the hardware point of view were positive and we didn't notice any kind of slowdown.

However, as always, we look forward to receiving our test unit to offer you a more thorough testing of the device. Although OPPO Reno 10x Zoom stole all the attention during the conference with its 10x hybrid zoom, the main sensor in the standard version is the same as in the more powerful version. This should help to avoid dark, noisy photos in low light conditions. However, unlike Huawei's new P30 Pro, OPPO's approach to night photography is not to artificially illuminate the image, but to keep the illumination closer to what the human eye can see.

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The second sensor supporting the main one is a 5MP lens used especially for depth of field detection. OPPO Reno contains a mAh battery, reasonable size for its price range and which should allow this smartphone to withstand a whole day without any kind of problem. In addition, this model is also compatible with VOOC 3. Mid-range smartphones continue to become more powerful every year. OPPO, as well as Xiaomi and other manufacturers, has decided to follow this trend by providing a device with excellent performance and a software rich in customizations at a price more suited to the budget of most users.

The first look at the OPPO Reno is very positive and we are looking forward to further exploring every aspect of this device in our full review that will come in the coming days.

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The Reno 2, which we're reviewing here, is actually a step down from the Reno 10x Zoom we tested earlier this year. Where the Reno 10x Zoom is a powerful handset with high-end hardware, the Reno 2 is decidedly more midrange. The Reno 2 measures 6. While it's light enough to use for extended periods, its glossy finish and curved back panel make the phone feel fragile and easy to drop.

The front is devoted to a 6. The back is curved glass with a discreet vertical camera that houses four sensors. Below the cameras is a long oval stripe that reflects light and bears the Oppo logo. The top of the phone is home to the hidden pop-up selfie cam, while you'll find speakers, a USB-C port, and a headphone jack on the bottom. Volume rockers sit on the left.

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The phone's 6. Colour accuracy is spot-on, with inky blacks and primary colours so rich they seem to burst off the screen. Our only complaint with the display is that it can be a little difficult to see in direct sunlight. As the Reno 2 is made almost entirely of glass, durability is a valid concern. It's Gorilla Glass 6, which should be able to handle minor drops. There's no IP rating, however, so you definitely don't want to drop it in water. As we recommend for most phones, put it in a case for peace of mind.

Both storage models have a microSD slot that can accommodate an additional GB. See How We Test Phones. Although the Reno 2 has a beefier processor than the Snapdragon in the Pixel 3a XL, performance is fairly similar—which is a good thing.

In testing, the Reno 2 handled multitasking and processor-intensive apps like Adobe Premiere Rush with ease. We also played Asphalt 8 for over an hour with no lag or skipped frames. We tested the phone with Geekbench 5, a suite of benchmarks that evaluate performance by emulating apps, as well as using machine learning and augmented reality.

The Reno 2 scored for single-core performance and 1, for multi-core, for a slight edge against the Pixel 3a on single-core, but not multi-core 1, That said, the difference in real-world usage is virtually unnoticeable. In our battery drain test, which streams HD media over Wi-Fi at full brightness, the Reno 2's 4,mAh battery lasted 10 hours and 17 minutes. With more conservative use, we had no problem with charging the phone every other day. Should you find yourself running low, it comes with a 20W charging adapter.

Wireless charging isn't available. Call quality is poor compared with the Pixel 3a XL. In testing, calls sounded robotic, with noise reduction intermittently clipping off the ends of words. Background noise also managed to slither in from time to time. Peak earpiece volume measured in at 70dB, with the speakerphone volume topping out at 72dB and multimedia volume going to 90dB.