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View Larger Image. About the Author: Farid Ahmad. Related Posts. Xiaomi began to prepare for the worst and after introduction of US sanctions Xiaomi has a backup plan. OnePlus is going to release 8 Lite on live photos with a three main camera which disposed vertically. The device sports stereo speaker, a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, and two rear cameras.

It supports expandable storage and can be used with two SIM cards at the same time. But it is available at various Chinese online stores including AliExpress — get it via the button below. Next up on our list of the best Lenovo phones is the K10 Plus, which falls in the mid-range category. It looks more or less the same as the Lenovo Z6 Lite but comes with weaker internals and a smaller display.

The Lenovo K10 Plus sports a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, has a headphone jack, and supports expandable storage. It was released in India but is not available in Western markets.

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These are the best Lenovo phones you can get in our opinion, although there are a few other great options available as well. The Best. Your guide. Mitja Rutnik.

Lenovo Z6 Unboxing/Hands on review/Camera/Gaming test! 120HZ display/ Xiaomi Mi9t competitor

Lenovo Z6 Pro Buy it Now. Display: 6. Pop up camera phones and slider phones are awesome for a number of reasons. Lenovo Z6 Buy it Now. Lenovo Z5 Pro Buy it Now. Okay here we go. On the side there'sgonna be these holes because this is theone with a fan in it and around backwe're gonna have power then we're gonnahave video display port another USB-Canother use this is USB-C and anotherUSB A and Ethernet built in.

And thekensington lock and then this isthe antenna this is where the wirelesswill screw the antenna in there.

But lookat how small this thing is. So this isthe dock or USB-C dock believing thatvery similar look but it's it's actuallyquite a bit thinner than our dock that how small this thing is. So with that we got a good look atit I'm gonna try hooking this thing uplet's turn on the power and then we'llshow you a little bit about what thisthing can do.

New flagship smartphone Lenovo Z6 Pro will present on March 27 in China

So one thing that's prettyfascinating is you can obviously usethis as a standard desktop. It's gonnahave all the same ports but also likethis is a tiny in one monitor. It's got capability to get a you can usean adapter but you could put this inhere with an adapter which I don't haveand use it put it in the back of thetiny in one monitor. Or what's reallyinteresting also is you can use thiswith docking. So I'm gonna try while I'mscrambling here to actually get thisthing hooked up to the USB dock and thenwe'll talk a little bit about why that'skind of a cool solution. So there's ACpower in here so imagine how small thisis right compared to a standard laptop.

So that one of the thinking one of theideas that we're thinking about, hold on..

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Are there certain situations where this might actually be easier to carry back andforth than a laptop. So what if you hadthis at your desk and then at nightinstead of going home and using takingyour laptop with you if you had a tinyyou just carry this back and forth to adocking station. So let's go ahead andhook the keyboard up to this then we'llturn the only thing will connect to thiswould be the USB-C. Not sure if itmatters got a couple of them here putthat in here and then we'll turn thepower on.

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Well it's completely quiet. If it's on isit booting? Looks like there's power here power and power there.

  • The Lenovo Z6 Pro will be at MWC, says the company VP | AndroidPIT.
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  • New flagship smartphone Lenovo Z6 Pro will present on March 27 in China.
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  • They're supposed to be dockable. Okaythis is turning on let's see. Oh yeahhere we go.

    Lenovo Z6 Pro is now up for pre-orders; to sport quad cameras, 48MP sensor and 4,000mAh battery

    So yeah, so this is it justone cable and it's dockable, I don't knowif you could get powered through this or now, we're gonna have to do somemore testing. Wo those you've been around for a littlewhile you know that now I've started torun some bench testing on this. Wo we'regonna turn off the video here in asecond get this thing fully set up, runthe benchmarks, and I'll come back andshare with you guys what I learned butfor not what's interesting we were ableto get this setup hooked up to a dockingstation and booted so let's take a breakwell we'll be right back thanks everybody.

    All right everyone I'm back. Mind-blown so I did remove the powerfrom the back of the thing of the Nanoand it worked fine so the only thingconnecting currently the Nano to themonitor is the one USBC cable and thenobviously that connects to the dockingstation the docking station has all theother ports out of it for the for themonitor connection the USBconnections for the mouse and this.