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What if you could get a top-of-the-line Android phone equipped with the latest processor and loaded with slick new features at a steep discount? There's only one catch: It's a Chinese smartphone and the Chinese government could use it to spy on you.

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These security concerns have led America's intelligence agencies to warn against using Chinese smartphone-makers Huawei and ZTE. So: How legitimate are these concerns? They're certainly not unfounded, but they're also more complicated than Wray's testimony alone lets on. It's true that China has long been the most aggressive nation-state hacking U. From stealing plans for the advanced F stealth fighter to State Department files , Chinese hackers have made off with invaluable trade secrets, sensitive government data, and personnel records.

Top 10 Android Spy Apps [Updated]

But it's also highly unlikely that the Chinese government has taken a sudden interest in hacking into the devices of ordinary Americans. That's not China's style. The country's hackers have demonstrated that their primary focus is on stealing military and trade secrets so it can rapidly develop its armed forces and key industrial sectors. Chinese smartphones have also come under a lot of criticism for spyware.

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Over the last several years, there have been multiple discoveries of malware loaded on Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei, and other Chinese smartphones. In , for instance, the mobile security firm Krytpowire uncovered Chinese malware on as many as million budget Android devices.

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Is Huawei SPYING? 🤔 INVESTIGATING Huawei Health's Privacy on Android

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