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Huawei is not responsible and has no control over this third party websites. Zoom in to explore the mystery of the celestial at night, watch an eagle hovering over trees or examine the delicate details of crystal. Capture the best things in the moment and create your vision for the future. Its camera setup is currently untouchable too. Witness the beauty of a rosy dawn, mid-day sky, the mysterious Aurora and darkness of night. Dare to impress. The Leica Quad Camera System accommodates your photography to help see the world in its entirety.

The new periscope telephoto lens allows more optical zooming capabilities to be tucked in a compact body without losing image quality. Together with the colour saturation provided by the 40 MP main camera, and stability of OIS, the SuperZoom Lens offers 10x hybrid zoom 1 to see the never-before-seen with great resolution and rich detail. Additionally, it can bring the moon right before your eyes with up to 50x zoom.

Even in extreme dark situations, you are able to discover a vast array of colour. The background is then progressively blurred with different creamy effects to give a professional-level bokeh. The light and colour are balanced in different layers to bring your face into focus.

Turn bustling rivers or soothing ocean waves into your personal artistic masterpiece. The Ultra Wide Angle Lens brings out enchanting beauty in the vastness of the mountainous valley and grandeur of the sky. Discover the magic of natural views from a broader perspective. The world is yours to discover from 2. See the finest details in life with a real macro lens.


Be surprised by the exquisite detail found in the delicate structure of nature. Your selfies will glow with stunning detail, even in overexposed backlight or during a night party. With this impressive low-light video recording, you can bring the memories to life. Keep your distance but still witness the exciting story. No matter where you are on your hike, you can still zoom in to see the wildlife playing on the other side of the trees. Record exciting videos while skiing down the mountain. Two rear cameras work at the same time allowing you to watch the overall scene and see the beauty in the details.

A simple touch produces your own cinematic masterpiece. Highlight videos are automatically edited with dramatic filters, different speed and unique background music. The electromagnetic sound levitation will project sound from the vibrations in the display to your ear. The Kirin is the world's first 7nm mobile process chipset with stronger performance and lower power consumption.

Experience more everyday with the full support of a long-lasting 4,mAh typical value 9 battery with intelligent power saving technology. Charging is no longer a hassle, but a painless task. Utilizing the Face Recognition technology, now measuring the height of a person is just a simple task of scanning from toe to head.

You can immediately enjoy playing Fancy Skiing. And, while playing a game, just shake and touch your phone to the MateBook, you can begin recording a up to second video of the laptop screen that will save to your phone. You can also copy and paste texts between devices easily as if they are working as one. We use cookies to improve our site and your experience. By continuing to browse our site you accept our cookie policy.

Find out more. The city incites photographic experimentation - its skyscrapers, streets and other landmarks have unique aesthetics that beg to be captured. Shanghai is not just a magnificent set of buildings though - it's also bursting with history, culture and diversity. A short drive from the financial district is the Old City and French Concession that each feel completely different. During the day Shanghai is visually striking, but come 7pm the entire skyline lights up and produces a spectacle that is one of the most magnificent the world has to offer. Neon reds, greens, yellows and blues dominate the cityscape and practically cry out for a smartphone's night mode to capture them.

Huawei P30 review: This phone takes ridiculous photos for a reasonable price - CNET

Once again, the P30 Pro was at hand to take sharp, bright and detailed pictures of Shanghai's majestic beauty. Having the P30 Pro as our companion throughout our China adventure reminded us of its greatest qualities - the phone is a cut above its competition where its battery life and camera is concerned.

Huawei's P-series has always attempted to push the boundaries of smartphone photography forward - the P20 Pro was the first handset to come with three cameras on its rear and a dedicated night mode within its software.

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While the P20 Pro was arguably the most diverse camera system of its time, the P30 Pro ups the ante significantly and, in the opinion of Express. The device has a commendable primary, ultra wide-angle and time-of-flight sensor, but what truly makes its photography offering a cut above its competition is its zoom. Most modern smartphones come with a secondary telephoto module, but these typically only deliver a two-times optical zoom.

Huawei P30 Pro Reviews

The P30 Pro's telephoto camera harnesses a periscope style structure to deliver a five-times optical zoom however. Moreover, this sensor can combine with the phone's primary lens to offer users a times hybrid zoom. Until the release of the P30 Pro, we had rarely used smartphone telephoto cameras at Express. But having a much better zoom to play with on the P30 Pro incites creativity and certainly allowed us to take shots that were simply not possible on other devices during our time in China.

The P30 Pro's outstanding camera system is backed up by its humongous battery that delivers arguably the best life of any handset right now, speedy performance and a visually striking design. First and foremost, the P30 Pro's screen only offers a p resolution which simply does not look as crisp as phones that have a p quality or higher.

Huawei P30 Pro details

This means when viewing photos or consuming video, content simply does not look as stunning as it could. Moreover, the P30 Pro's display also comes with a 60Hz refresh rate which simply fails to deliver the smooth performance present on phones with 90Hz rates and higher such as the OnePlus 7 Pro. Additionally, the phone only comes with a single speaker which can easily be covered up and does not get as loud as most of its premium rivals.

Finally, the P30 Pro also lacks a secure facial unlocking system - whereas Huawei's Mate 20 Pro came with a notch housing an array of recognition sensors, the P30 Pro is left with just a single front-facing camera to perform such a function. This ultimately results in facial recognition that is neither secure or reliable - this method of unlocking is practically useless when outside or if the user is walking. The P30 Pro has a number of shortcomings, but ultimately the flagship excels in the areas we care about - camera performance and battery life.

This powerful duo is unmatched in our eyes and ensures the Huawei handset is always in our pocket when we travel. The P30 Pro won't be the best Android smartphone forever - new devices from Apple, OnePlus, Google and Huawei itself are expected before the year is up and are presumed to match, it not surpass, its best features. Months later we still think this sentiment rings true and here is why.

Our first stop was China's iconic tech hub - Shenzhen. P30 Pro's camera system retains glorious amounts of detail, even when taking photos up close Image: Express Newspapers using the Huawei P30 Pro. Why is the P30 Pro better than its rivals? Where does the P30 Pro fall short?