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For example:. This is clearly an area of law in need of national reform.

How To Stop Your iPhone From Listening To You (Just In Case It Is…)

In September , the Australian Law Reform Commission recommended that existing State and Territory surveillance device laws be replaced by a single Commonwealth law. However, this reform is yet to eventuate, leaving us with piecemeal legislation increasingly rendered out of date by rapid advances in technology. If you would like to learn how Lexology can drive your content marketing strategy forward, please email enquiries lexology. I find that the employment law newsfeeds are extremely helpful and relevant.

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The website provides an avenue for quick research regarding various employment law issues. Back Forward. Share Facebook Twitter Linked In. Follow Please login to follow content. Register now for your free, tailored, daily legal newsfeed service. Australia February 13 Key takeouts The regulation of surveillance devices in Australia is a patchwork of inconsistent State and Territory laws, which each variously regulate different devices, prohibit different activities and provide for different defences. There are three key questions that need to be answered to determine if using Live Listen will breach applicable surveillance device legislation: 1.

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Is Live Listen a 'surveillance device'? But what exactly is a listening device?

Apple to stop Siri program that lets contractors listen to users' voice recordings

Can I legally use a listening device? As a general proposition — no, the use of a listening device is prohibited. Exceptions to the prohibition also exist for the use of listening devices by law enforcement. What consent is needed to lawfully use a listening device? For example: In Victoria, Queensland and the Northern Territory, a person can lawfully use a listening device if he or she is a party to the conversation — i. In New South Wales, the ACT, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia: a person can lawfully use a listening device if he or she is a party to the conversation, and they have the consent of all 'principal parties' to the conversation i.

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In New South Wales, the ACT and Tasmania, a person can use a listening device if a principal party consents to the use of the listening device, and the surveillance is not carried out for the purpose of publishing or communicating the conversation or a report of the conversation to persons who were not party to the conversation. There are also public interest exemptions for the use of listening devices in some jurisdictions. Who is an officer of a corporation?

Is Siri Always Listening? Apple Responds To Report That Workers Hear Recordings - TODAY

It plans to continue its Siri review program in the fall, but it will only get audio recordings from people who opt in to provide that data. Apple had been using Siri recordings to improve its artificial intelligence. It's now only being done by opt-in. Your conversations with Siri won't be going directly to Apple anymore.

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  • The tech giant said Wednesday that it will stop retaining voice recordings by default. Apple announced the Siri privacy changes after The Guardian reported in July that contractors were regularly listening to conversations from people giving voice commands. While the data is anonymized, those conversations included identifiable details like a person's name, medical records, drug deals and people having sex, according to the report.

    In early August, Apple said it would be ending the contractor program , and prior to the announcement on Wednesday it let go at least contractors in Europe who were part of that program. Apple had contractors listening to Siri conversations to augment the voice assistant's artificial intelligence.

    The human guidance helped improve the software through a process called "grading. We are grateful to our users for their passion for Siri, and for pushing us to constantly improve," the company said in a statement. Apple said it intends to continue that program in the fall, but only Apple employees will be able to listen to audio recordings. If the human reviewers determine a recording was accidentally triggered, they'll delete it.

    Unlike with Google's and Amazon's voice assistants , Apple doesn't allow people to delete their audio recordings.

    Apple won't listen to Siri recordings without your permission anymore - CNET

    That's because while Google and Amazon link recordings with a person's account on their services, Apple uses random identifiers for Siri recordings, which you can reset in your settings. In its statement, Apple said that it believes that feature was "unique among the digital assistants.

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    After Apple suspended its grading program, Amazon followed suit, allowing people to disable human reviews of Alexa recordings.