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When your company is successfully registered, you can create your MDM profile for Microsoft Intune in the Knox portal using the information below. However, Intune does require this field to be filled in so that the profile can successfully enroll the device in Intune.

For step-by-step guidance, see the Samsung's Create Profile instructions.

Using Samsung-Approved Reseller s : Use this method if you're purchasing devices from one of the Samsung-approved resellers. Resellers can auto-upload devices for you when approved. For devices enrolled in Intune using KME for Android, you can configure how an end user signs in as follows:.

This option requires the end user to enter both user name and password when enrolling to Intune. With user name association: In the Knox Portal under Device details , provide a User ID such as a user name for the assigned user or a Device Enrollment Manager account for the added devices. This option prepopulates the user name and requires the end user to enter a password when enrolling to Intune.

User association only applies to Android device administrator enrollment. When user association is defined, only the associated user can enroll the device using KME.

This is true even after a factory reset of the device. When no user association is defined in the Knox portal, any user with a valid Intune license can enroll the device using KME. For Android Enterprise fully managed devices, even if user association is defined, it will not be passed to the device or tie the device to the user. After creating and assigning an MDM profile, associating a user name, and identifying the devices as corporate-owned in Intune, you can distribute devices to users. Still need help? Other Android enterprise device owner modes will be supported as they become available in Intune.

No work profile support: KME is a corporate device enrollment method and devices enrolled in Android work profile ensure work and personal data are separate on personal devices. So, device enrollment to work profile using KME isn't a supported scenario in Intune. Factory reset to enroll to Android enterprise: If repurposing devices that have already been set up, devices need to be factory reset when enrolling to Android enterprise.

But, for Android device administrator enrollments, future updates to the Intune Company Portal app may require a Google Play account on the device. Google Play account isn't required when enrolling to Google Device Owner. The end user must enter a password on the device to complete device enrollment. Learn more about how to get support for Samsung KME.

How can I get my photos back on my Samsung Galaxy a7

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Step 1 – Download the USB drivers for the Samsung Galaxy A7 (SM-A700FD) for your PC

Profile Bookmarks Collections Sign out. The Experience UI 9. We have ample experience with the UI by now and find it quite agreeable. Also, Samsung will be bringing some additional features including gesture navigation in the Experience UI This is kind of disappointing considering the A7 variant had full-fledged Samsung Pay. The handset includes a mAh battery and we are getting a comfortable one-day mileage with moderate to heavy usage. Fast charging is not supported.

The Samsung Galaxy A7 includes three cameras on the rear and one on the front are we finally moving away from the selfie marketing pitch? The primary 24MP rear camera is a very good performer for its price. The shots that we clicked outdoors show a wide dynamic range and sharp details. The background blur is adjustable and looks awesome when things click. Edge detection needs to get better, though. You can switch to the third 8MP sensor from the camera app to capture wide-angle shots.

Besides, the low resolution 8MP for wide-angle shots could be a problem, and the wide-angle lens is also fixed focus. For selfies, there is a 24MP sensor up front. The portrait mode is available for both rear and front cameras. The optimization is, thankfully, not as aggressive. Note: These camera samples have been resized for web. You can check the full resolution samples in this flickr album. Samsung Galaxy A7 starts at Rs.

We can see that Samsung is finally pushing itself to pass on more aggressive hardware, at least in the mid-range segment. The Galaxy A7 is better looking and more comfortable to handle compared to the other better-specced competitors that it challenges. Or, even one. I heard that Amoled screens get screen burn ins, does samsung A7 get that too? The front camera is a piece of shit.

Install Device Software Update - Samsung Galaxy Camera | Verizon

It has only one function: selfie with locked focus even in video mode. This really sucks. Dont buy that phone. Does the contacts synchronise automatically with FB etc so that each contact appears a photo? Mobile look is very nice. Employee behavior is very rude and without check he said your mobile is fell down.

After the latest update, it does. We updated the review when it started working yes, we tested it ourselves.

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What can you recommend between the two? Hi, out of the two that you have mentioned, A7 is the better option overall in our opinion It will still depend on your specific preferences. Anyone knows? Widewine L1 is not the sole requirement for HD streaming. Netflix has to whitelist the phone too. Specification of Samsung Galaxy A7 is Awesome. I love it.

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