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Check out our guide below on how it works, which phones it works on, and more! When you turn on Zen Mode, your phone goes into a kind of deep freeze for a certain period of time. The only two things you still will be able to do are make and receive phone calls and take photos.

Also, while you can receive calls from anyone, you can only make emergency phone calls i. The default active time is 20 minutes, so you will need to wait at least 20 minutes before your phone returns to normal. As such, use this function carefully!

3. Use OnePlus's 'Find My Mobile' Beta Version to Track Your OnePlus

The default is two hours, but you can change the reminder window to various other times. The reminder will encourage you to turn on Zen Mode. Since then, the company has pushed the feature to other phones in its roster. However, other manufacturers might offer a similar function under a different name. It is unlikely OnePlus will push this feature to phones older than the OnePlus 5.

Stay tuned for more Zen Mode updates as they happen! How To. OnePlus made its products available in Southeast Asia for the first time, partnering with Lazada Indonesia [20] on 23 January and was expected to expand during that year throughout the region. In June , OnePlus decided to pull out of the Indonesian market due to local regulations for imported 4G smartphones restricting sales of the OnePlus 2.

At the launch event of the OnePlus 6 on 17 May , OnePlus announced it would be opening five new OnePlus Experience stores in India, as well as 10 new service centres.

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Early phones were only available through a system whereby customers had to sign up for an invite to purchase the phone at irregular intervals. The system was claimed to be necessary for the young company to manage huge demand. OnePlus touted the event as the world's first VR shopping experience. Due to confusion, several videos were published by unselected users misinterpreting the promotion and destroying their phones before the promotion start date. On 13 August , OnePlus hosted a contest to give invites, which were hard to come by at the time, to their female forum members.

Users were asked to post a photo of themselves with the OnePlus logo, images would be shared in the forum and could be "liked" by other forum members. This received major backlash for objectifying and degrading women resulting in the contest being pulled within hours. The customer support at OnePlus was once the subject of strong criticism.

In , the company increased the number of customer service staff and set-up customer service and repair centers in Asia, Europe and the United States, greatly improving turnaround times for repairs and other issues. OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei on 26 November admitted that the cable and adapter did not conform to the USB specification, and offered refunds although not for cables bundled with the OnePlus 2 phone. The company's first product was the highly anticipated OnePlus One.

It was unveiled on 22 April , and was claimed as the " Flagship Killer.

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OnePlus One issue with yellow display band at the bottom of the screen which affected some units were not covered under warranty. The OnePlus 2 was the successor to the company's highly successful first phone. It was unveiled a little over a year after the One, on 27 July It was highly promoted as " Flagship killer". There were very high expectations for the second generation OnePlus phones, partly because the company managed to create a high amount of hype for the upcoming phone. One of the marketing channels used was YouTube tech reviewer MKBHD who was sent a unit, which he covered in detail leading up to the launch.

The OnePlus 2 had specifications comparable to other flagship phones of the time, including the Qualcomm Snapdragon , though OnePlus had decided to leave out an NFC chip, as it didn't see mobile payment being an essential feature at the time. In advance of the OnePlus 2 launch, OnePlus assured customers that obtaining invites would be easier, and handsets would ship a lot quicker than with the OnePlus One.

However, in a public apology, Carl Pei admitted the company had "messed up" the launch, and that OnePlus "only began shipping meaningful quantities [the week of 10 September ], nearly a month after [the] initial targeted shipping date. Despite promising 24 months of software updates, and telling consumers that the OnePlus 2 would be updated to Android 7 "Nougat", it was eventually confirmed that this was not to happen, leaving the device on the older Android 6.

The phone was unveiled on 29 October The OnePlus 3 was unveiled on 14 June The 3 was the company's first "metal unibody" phone. The upgrade consisted the use of a newer SoC ; the Qualcomm Snapdragon was replaced with the Snapdragon Also introduced were a higher-capacity battery, 64 or GB of storage and 16 MP front-facing camera. It was released in two colours: Midnight Black and Slate Gray.

A third limited edition colour, Soft Gold was released on 7 August Notable features include a larger 6" display, a new "Face Unlock" facial recognition method, and an improved dual-lens camera. OnePlus opened forums for the OnePlus 6 in April and launched the device on 17 May with sales starting on 22 May The smartphone was the first from the company to offer a GB inbuilt storage variant. It has a 6. It was available in 4 colours, "Mirror" black, "Midnight" black, "Silk" white and red.

It was powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon and Adreno The OnePlus 6T was unveiled on 29 October It also features a larger 6. The camera has a 'Nightscape' mode which uses a longer exposure time to capture better photos in poor lighting conditions.

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In the beginning, OnePlus 6T users reported unusual battery drain issue. Like the predecessor, they come with an optical in-display fingerprint sensor. The front camera has a 16 MP sensor. They launched with Android 9. The OnePlus 7 Pro features a curved edge-to-edge 6. The budget OnePlus 7 which was launched with the flagship Pro version, comes in two colours, "Mirror" grey and the red.

It features a 6. The OnePlus 7T Pro was unveiled two weeks later. All three phones have fingerprint scanners built into their displays. The 7T Pro McLaren's design veers off even further. It's physically identical to the standard 7T Pro in terms of camera layout, but the blue colour has been replaced with a glossy black finish, with a subtle Damascus Steel effect that shimmers just under the surface.

There are McLaren Papaya Orange effects dotted all over, including a metal strip around the cameras, an orange function slider on the side and an orange stripe around the bottom half of the phone.

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The 7T has a 6. Both Pro models have larger 6.

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That gives the Pros a pixel density of ppi, which is sharper than the 7T's ppi. You may not really notice the marginal 0. Keep in mind that the 7T has a teardrop-shaped notch that cuts into the top of the display to house the front-facing camera.

The Pro models don't have this as their selfie cameras mechanically slide out from the top edge of the phone when needed. As a result, their displays stretch from edge to edge and remain entirely unbroken by notches. The 7T Pro phones do not have a teardrop notch. Instead, their front cameras are embedded inside the top edge of the phones.

How to Track and Locate lost OnePlus 6 or OP6T Remotely

All three phones pack Qualcomm's latest octa-core Snapdragon Plus processor, clocked at 2. It's odd then that on benchmark tests, it's the standard 7T that delivered the best scores. Admittedly, these differences are razor thin and barely qualify as differences at all.

It is a little surprising though that the McLaren edition, with its RAM boost, didn't produce better scores than its siblings. These phones are more than capable of handling any of your everyday tasks, including video streaming and photo editing.