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The Xnspy mobile monitoring app is also available for iOS devices. It only requires physical access to Android phones or tablets for a few minutes, so you can set up the software on them.

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This allowed me to avail more features without blowing my budget. Once you have subscribed to a plan for Android or iOS device, you will receive a confirmation email from Xnspy that will have the login details of your personal web-based account, and a link to download the best mobile spy application in Nigeria. Once the installation is complete, you can access your personal web-based account from your cell phone or personal computer using the login details sent to you by the app developer.

All the data from the monitored device is directly uploaded from the target device to your web account. The user-interface UI is clean and all in all, it seems intuitive. In case, you stumble across a problem, click on the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to instantly acquire help. Each tab will provide you different information.

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Click on the messenger or IM chat WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook you believe your employee is using to connect with his or her mates or colleagues and read all the sent and received messages along with time and date stamps. So you can determine when exactly a conversation took place. Amazing, right? And you know what, the best mobile spying application even lets you customize the settings. Meaning, you can set preferences for uploading data.

XNSPY iPhone Monitoring App— Extensive Compatibility, Exclusive Features

How often you want to receive the call logs, control the device remotely, or track certain activities, all of this is possible with Xnspy. The browser history will reveal to you whether they are frequenting Facebook, YouTube, video games or work-related websites.

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Prying on emails and phone calls will reveal to you if any staff members are selling sensitive information to your rivals. By checking the GPS location, you can determine whether your remote team has arrived at the job site or are just wandering in a shopping mall.

Someone may be skeptical about installing a keylogger on their device voluntarily. However, recently keylogging was put to good use and is being utilized in the wide array of monitoring tools. There are stand-alone keylogger programs, as well as versatile control applications with featured keylogger options.

What is a keylogger? This is any piece of software or hardware that keeps a log of keystrokes. Not so long ago, keyloggers were only compatible with traditional keyboards. However, touchscreen keyloggers have become possible as well.

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Sometimes people would install keylogger programs to secure their phone should they lose it, or see how others use the device given to them temporarily. In this case, an employee must be aware that the keystroke logging is being performed. Even if you do not consider installing a keylogger on your device, you should be aware of the possibility.

Moreover, some of them can be hidden, so you may have one on your own device already without even knowing. Once installed on the device, you receive logs through email. They can also restrict certain things if needed.

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This keylogger concentrates on parental monitoring purposes , such as protection against cyber-bullying, online predators, sexting and other inappropriate online behavior from both sides the child and their interlocutors. The keylogger feature is a part of the Pumpic software, which is visible on the target device, so the person you track is aware of the monitoring it includes SMS, calls, the web, social networks, pictures and videos, GPS location and many more.

The information gathered on the target device is sent to the control panel, which is the device you designate. Main plus: versatility with options of the remote control panel, geofences, and locking of the device.

Read more at Pumpic. This one lets you not only protect your children but also expose a cheating spouse by revealing SMS and call logs, as well as chat messages from a number of popular social networks Facebook, Kik, WhatsApp, hangouts, etc.

2. FlexiSpy

GPS tracking is a feature that also might come in handy if you lose your phone. All logs are sent to your e-mail account so make sure to create one apart from that you use on your phone. Find more at iKeyMonitor. Visit KidLogger. This one is also offering a keylogger among the array of spying features, which is rather wide: SMS and call logs, e-mail and many social networks messages monitoring, geo-fencing, locking and wiping the phone.

Read more at FlexiSpy. This is an app that offers more than 35 monitoring features; more for any other app within the same price bracket. It offers basic as well as advanced features to its users.