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With just 1 GB of RAM and only 8GB of internal memory expandable up to 32 GB, it is very disappointing, It is definitely not for users who have huge loads of work on their mobile phones because it is not going to last much longer if we look at this. Such a low RAM would slow down the phone with even a little usage.

Furthermore, looking at the battery, it has mAh power which is not a very bad scenario if compared to other powerful phones with similar battery. The 5-inch screen display looks alright, but not a very good option if you are thinking of playing HD games or high definition videos. It will be a miracle if the screen survives any crash test. You need to be extra careful with this model. Moving on to the camera resolutions.

They could have at least focused on getting this model a good camera to go for. But we only have an average 5 MP in the rearview and only 2 MP as selfie camera which is below average. Even non-touchscreen phones have better from camera resolution these days.

ZTE Blade 10 vs Samsung Galaxy A20 - Who Will Win?

Fortunately, the price has been kept very low, seeing the features that would be more than enough if anyone is looking to buy this phone. The company is way ahead than most of the mobile companies by introducing their very own version of the foldable phone. It is about 2 years old when the concept was just in the market. If you are looking to buy it now, lets first get on with the features. This 5. Hopefully, you need not worry a lot about your screen breaking off every now and then.

The most promising part of the phone is that it runs on Android 7. It can be expanded up to 1 TB of space which will work like a beast. Nothing could work better than such intense memory storage. If we look at the battery, mAh seems very powerful but it all comes down to the usage. The battery was something they could have worked more upon since it is dual-screen and would take much more power than this.

ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G and Axon 10 Pro

Otherwise, it works fine overall. The biggest downside of being a smartphone is that it has no selfie camera. But with a 20MP rear camera which is great in its part. Since people nowadays are selfie enthusiasts irrespective of the place they live in. It might not be the best one but totally worth the price. This ZTE phone runs on the Android 7.

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Moreover, they have an average processor that runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon which is pretty outdated since we already have Snapdragon series in the market. With a 5. At the back of the phone, the texture of the back cover feels really good and maintains a good grip over your hand, restricting it to slip from the hands. If we talk about good hardware, it features both Proximity and an ambient light sensor.

Both these sensors work perfectly well to save your battery life overall. Especially the rear camera gives a very clear picture and is truly excellent. The selfie camera whereas is an average one. If you are looking for great picture quality then this might be a bit disappointing. So you will have to use the white light on the screen for a better picture. Lower RAM simple slows the phone down with multiple activities. But the 16 GB internal memory seems sufficient for beginners and works great. You can also expand the memory by putting on the SD card for up to GB.

Furthermore, the battery backup could last for 18 hours at a stretch which is great as compared to other overpriced phones that run out very quickly. It is a beast with a mAh non-removable battery that can last hours, depending on the usage. It runs on Snapdragon which is yet again an outdated version since a lot of chipsets have come over since then.

But regardless of this, overall the performance was great since it works on the Android 7. This ZTE model gives more of a Tablet look because of the 6. You will not find this size generally in most of the smartphones especially at this price range. So basically, it gives the feel of a smartphone and a tablet as well. Since it is a bit bulky, the back cover of the phone has been given a better texture to maintain a grip on your hands.

Although, they could have thought on for a better RAM for better performance since we can find a lot of other phones with better RAM but definitely high priced. You can also expand the internal memory using SD card for up to GB which is sufficient for the users.

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The fingerprint sensor has been provided below the rare camera at the back of the phone. We tested the sensor quite many times and it seemed to work very well every time. It works astonishingly great especially with the rear camera and gives stunning picture quality. But it is a bit let down with the poorly put up selfie camera at this range.

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Regardless of this, the phone features proximity sensors, gyro, accelerometer, and compass. For charging use the Type-C cable. It comes with 4. If you are getting everything you have been looking you can put up your money on this, but if you are more into cameras then there are better options. The ZTE Z Max 2 is the best phone if you are looking for pretty basic features and nothing too flashy at the most affordable rate. This could be the perfect choice if the criteria match your goal before buying this phone.

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Lets just simply get on with the features and see what all you are getting with this phone. It runs on Android 5. Also, the processor is very basic which worked fine while trying it out. Only 2GB and 8GB memory is something you will have to deal with. In any case, if you are looking for heavy activities on this smartphone then you will need an external SD card which you can use up to 64 GB.

It sounds more than enough, compared to the price of this smartphone. There is nothing more one could one ask for if you have a tight budget. The mAh battery is what you could be thankful for since at this price you are getting a very decent power and might work for hours no matter the usage. Of course, the camera quality is very inconsistent. It gives only 8 MP and 2 MP camera resolution and the picture quality is very average if you are a camera enthusiast.

I do like the plastic textures cover at the back which gives this bulky phone a great look.