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It even identifies apps using too much system memory. Google-owned Waze is an outstanding mapping app that goes above and beyond what users would find in the standard Google Maps. The app, which includes turn-by-turn directions, relies on the wisdom of its users to help travelers find ways around and traffic and other bad traffic conditions. For those folks to feel at home, downloading the free Apple Music app might make sense. The program offers all the features in the iOS version, including playlist support, the ability to stream more than 40 million music tracks and more.

Tasker is a handy app for getting work done quickly and efficiently. The app, which costs 99 cents, allows users to automate changes to their handset's settings and apps, send text messages and more. Those automated actions can be triggered based on their location, an event taking place and whether a timer goes off.

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For corporate users there is perhaps no better way to track their work schedules from their smartphones than with HotSchedules. It also allows them to accept or release work shifts on the fly. The program requires users to snap a picture of a paper document. That image is then saved as a PDF document and can be emailed or otherwise sent to recipients.

Images can be saved in color, grayscale, or black-and-white. Nova Launcher is a great app for those who want a less-cluttered Android user interface.

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With Nova Launcher, you can modify how your software icons look and how they are laid out. Toggle navigation Toggle search Advertiser Disclosure. Home Mobile. These services allow users to see their smartphone location on Google maps. There is also a number of other features that can be performed remotely on your lost Note 8 using these services. For example, you can erase all the content of your phone. You can also lock your Note 8 remotely if you can not access or find your phone. Android Find my device can be used for any phone running on Android. Whereas, Find my mobile is only accessible for the latest high-end smartphones by Samsung.

As I am into big phones, Note 8 proved out to be a really amazing device for me. I have had my experience with it and I found it a top class smartphone.

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I really love the battery life and picture quality of Note 8. The customized operating system of Samsung is not as good as the stock Android operating system. It is my own perception which I deduced after using Google Pixel and Nexus phones. Find my mobile is a very useful service introduced by Samsung for its users. It can be a lifesaver for the users who lost their phone or their phone got stolen. It lets you perform a number of features on your lost Note 8 remotely.

Using Samsung find my mobile, you can retrieve logs of your phone, you can unlock it remotely. It also allows you to wipe all the data present in your phone remotely.

Moving on the process on how to track and locate lost Note 8 using Find my mobile. There are few constraints, your lost Note 8 must be connected to the internet and its location services must be on in order for you to see its location on Google map.

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Apart from that, you must have Samsung Account on your Galaxy Note 8. Hopefully, you will be able to find your lost Note 8 using the next method. The second method that can be helpful to locate lost Note 8 will only work if location services are enabled on your Note 8. These methods have some constraints that make it hard for them to be useful. Android Find my device allows you to perform the following features on your lost Note 8 remotely.

Erase: If you are certain you can never get your hands on your phone again. You are also scared that your personal data will get in the hands of some stranger. Use this service to completely wipe your phone. Use this service to put a lock on your phone with a newly defined pin code along with a message on the screen. So if someone finds it, they can read the message on the screen and return it to you. The same email address that you used to download apps from the Google Play Store on your phone.

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to ask me in the comments. Each method mentioned above has its constraints and limitations.

There are other third-party apps that let you track your lost phone without an internet connection. The problem, in this case, is that those apps are required to be pre-installed on your phones before it went missing. Maybe it will prove out to be a good precaution. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.