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Most of these functions can normally be done with a single tap on the touchscreen, so I'm not sure if replacing these with a hand gesture is worth it. I'm also not sure if any normal human wants to stick their hand up to a smartphone camera to unlock it. Maybe it would work on a table?

Can someone try usb-c to HDMI adapter with LG G8 ?

The other standout features of the G8 include a side-mounted Google Assistant button, which is coming to several new phones from LG and Nokia. It doesn't seem like LG has been investing a lot in smartphones lately.

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For specs, we have a 6. The V50 has 5G and the G8 doesn't, and 5G is big, power-hungry, and expensive.

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The not-so-subtle advert, titled 'Undercover Unboxing', takes on a spy thriller theme and takes plenty of time to talk up the in-the-box inclusions that ship with the handset. It also displays some of the more interesting features of the new smartphone. Speaking in whispers, Des cracks open the lid, revealing a soft-touch cleaning cloth that the handset will ship with.

LG G8 ThinQ – How Touchless Works - LG USA Mobile

Finally, Mr. This wouldn't be a T-Mobile unboxing without a quick rundown of some key device specifications. LG's G8 ThinQ comes with a 6. Running along the bottom edge of the device, Des shows off LG's decision to include a 3.

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Flipping the handset over as the music intensifies, Mr. Smith touts the device's horizontally-aligned dual camera array. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist.

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LG Health tracks your activity levels and provides an interface and related content based on that information, so all types of users can customize the app to fit their own activity levels. Beginner You can see beginner exercise info when exercise is not part of your daily routine. The exercise circle shows the progress to your goal over 24 hours.

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Tap the circle to see the type of exercises you have done. Advanced You can see advanced exercise info when exercise is part of your daily routine. The exercise circle shows the progress to your goal over 24 hours by type and intensity. Tap the circle to see your weekly exercise trends in a graph.