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Design quirks like this are solved by Color OS 7. Under the Settings menu, many unnecessary lines have been stripped away, the icons are minimalist in their design, and the softer font makes it easier on the eye.

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On the home screen, the icons are all flat, rounded squares, which create a more cohesive design than the mishmash of square and circular icons in ColorOS 6. Notifications arrived more reliably than previous ColorOS-powered phones, Android 10 gestures are great, and dark mode looks brilliant.

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I like many of the wallpapers, too. I just prefer a simple news feed. Is Color OS 7. Its camera hardware is a great value. On the front, the megapixel camera sits alongside a 2-megapixel depth lens. I loved some shots it took both before and after the software update. The wide-angle mode has improved considerably, with more color and better exposure.

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However, I saw some inconsistencies. Some photos can appear washed out and lifeless, and while portrait mode has effective edge recognition, the macro mode is slow and unreliable. Selfies are sometimes a little soft, especially in bright light, but the secondary depth-sensing lens provides superior edge detection. The design is reminiscent of the Huawei P30 , right down to the eye-catching color on the back panel. However, the Reno 3 Pro is made of plastic, not glass. That lowers the weight but cheapens the feel.

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It takes at least an hour to reach full charge. In the lower part of the camera application, there is a button dedicated to the beauty mode.

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You can select the level of intensity of the function or the let AI decide how much beautifying you require according to the shapes of your face. Your smartphone will scan your face and propose improvements that you can then apply to your face with every shot without further effort! Do you know any other tricks that are not mentioned in this article? Let us know in the comments and help other readers! We use cookies on our websites. Information about cookies and how you can object to the use of cookies at any time or end their use can be found in our privacy policy.

To the AndroidPIT homepage. Jump to: Battery and notifications Personalization Interaction with your smartphone Display Camera Extras Battery saving and app notifications OPPO smartphones are known for having quite aggressive power saving modes that may prevent you from receiving some of the notifications. OPPO, unfortunately, limits the number of apps that can automatically start to just 5. Choose carefully. Smart Power Saver : an additional, less aggressive power saving mode that will try to learn your phone behavior to increase battery life, similar to the adaptive battery on Android Pie.

Personalized energy saving : by activating this option, you will have access to the list of all the applications installed on your smartphone, from here you can choose if each app: Allow background execution: recommended for applications that need to synchronize and push notifications frequently. Banning background execution: for better energy saving. Intelligently limit background execution: for ColorOS to choose the best option for you. Battery consumption details : here you can check statistics about the battery consumption of the apps for the current day or for the two previous days, unfortunately, there is no data to indicate on-screen usage.

Show battery percentage on status bar : to always display the percentage of charge remaining. Allow notification bar in the unlock screen: once unlocked, the ColorOS smartphone hides the "old" notifications from the unlock screen. Thanks to this option you can lower the notification curtain and also check those notifications without unlocking the smartphone.

Show full-screen banner notifications : to show or hide banner type notifications when viewing internal screen content such as games or videos.

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Notifications are fully configurable Applies only to the system launcher. Set theme : here you can change the theme of your smartphone from those already downloaded. A button allows you to access the store where you can download complete packages, icons or wallpapers. Set Background : for the selection of the backgrounds of the home and lock screen, accessible even by holding down a blank space on the home screen.