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However, the first Pixel was included in the Android 10 beta , and it has received the final build along with the mid-range Pixel 3a and 3a XL. According to rumors , we can expect the Honor 20, Honor 20 Pro, Honor V20, and the Honor Magic 2 to be first in line to get the update. Honor India has also confirmed on Twitter that the Honor 10 and Honor 8X are expected to receive the Android 10 update. A beta road map confirmed the Honor 20, View 20, and 20 Pro would see beta access in December , and the Honor 9X and 9X Pro were confirmed entry to the beta in early December We told you not to expect any updates with any sort of haste, and it appears we were right.

By the end of , we have heard precisely zero rumors about any existing HTC devices getting Android Expect LG to update most of its major flagships from the last few years. The early signs are good for Android 10 though. As is becoming a disappointing tradition, the latest Moto E phone will receive no software updates. That advantage is showing with the quick release of Android 10 for the Motorola One Power. Expect the other Android One Motorola phones to follow in early Mere minutes after the Android 10 announcement, HMD Global was ready with the planned update schedule.

Now, the rollout of Android 10 to Nokia phones has begun.

The Nokia 8. The camera powerhouse the Nokia 9 PureView and the Nokia 7. Next in line for updates are the Nokia 7. Seven more Nokia phones, including the Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 3.

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You can find all the phones due for the upgrade below, as well as estimated dates for delivery. Due to its use of Android One , Nokia was able to earn itself a reputation of being extremely speedy with updates.


Nokia has released a couple of carrier-focused phones since then, but the majority of its releases still use Android One. The company pushed out an update making Android 10 available through the latest OxygenOS Open Beta shortly after release, and then released Android 10 to the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro in late September The rollout was halted for a short time, but restarted in December It has also been confirmed the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G will also be receiving Android 10 — but not until early Not exactly the super-premium support we expect from super-premium 5G smartphones.

OnePlus has traditionally been quite generous with updates — Android 9. The company missed multiple self-set deadlines for updating phones to Android 9. Realme has come out of nowhere to secure itself a spot in the smartphone market, and it also secured the Realme 3 Pro a place in the Android 10 beta as well. Yet, it should be good enough for most use cases in pedestrian mode. If you are trying to use it while driving should you? Navigation very good : Fortunately, for driving around, there is Nokia Drive a true personal navigation application that is great for many reasons: For one, the maps are stored locally on the phone itself, so the phone does not need to download the maps in real-time, which is great for speed and battery life.

The map is also a bit better in terms of street names readability. Good news: Nokia Maps will arrive to other Windows phones. Windows Phone 7. Dial and contacts : Dialing with the virtual keypad is very simple, and finding contacts is too. Android also has this kind of capability. Given that Nokia has a glorious past in terms of mobile photography, I came in with high expectations. This is true for both photos and videos.

Take a look for yourself. Gaming : it is fair to say that Windows Phone does not have a lot of games, but I really like the fact that the WP7 Marketplace lets me try any app before buying.

Nokia 9 Pureview receiving January security patch and Nokia 6.2 new Pie Build

With Marketplace, you can try before you buy — this is huge. None of those two are graphically impressive, but they run at a solid 30FPS.

Infinite Flight has been developed by a couple of friends, and it is a flight simulator aimed at folks who actually want a simulator, not an arcade game. There is great potential here, and you should see some of that soon from EA. Video Playback : The phone has been able to play a p MP4 video that I usually use for my reviews. I also tried watching the Starcraft II: Ghost of the past. Both played without any issues, so I think that the video decode capabilities are more than sufficient.

No problem there. The photo gallery is very convenient, and you can access your FB photos too.

Nokia 6.2 Review

I also love the fact that the background image in the Pictures HUB is randomly selected from my recent photos. Good stuff! If you want more choices, there is a host of apps that are available through Marketplace: Rhapsody, Slacker, LastFM, Amazon, Sirius — just to name the most famous. Skip to the next one. The radio is completely free, no login required, just tap and listen. Measured metrics are obtained by running synthetic not always life-like benchmarks to stress specific parts of the system.

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Although they should correlate, I would always place perceived performance as being the most important one. Sunspider, Browsermark : The Lumia ranks pretty low in terms of Javascript benchmarks, and I think that it may be getting a double-whammy here. Let me explain: Javascript benchmarks show two things: how fast the CPU is, and how fast the Javascript interpreter is. The Lumia seems to be hit by the single-core issue, but I suspect that the Windows Phone Javascript engine could also be optimized by quite a bit.

The perceived performance of the Nokia Lumia is very good. Most Windows phone have always had a zippy user interface, and most basic functions like email, browsing, messaging etc… run fast and can be more responsive than on some dual-core Android handsets. This is a fluid situation, so keep an eye on this before you purchase.

The Nokia Lumia is a very nice phone, I absolutely love the design. It feels great in my hand, and it is incredibly robust. I have already accidentally dropped it once on a hard surface, and I could not find any trace of the impact. The Polycarbonate construction really paid off. The Lumia has an excellent responsiveness to user interaction, and this is one of the most important factor for any touch-devices.

In the end, this phone does exactly what it has been designed for: to address the needs of first-time smartphone users. So… should you get it?