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But there are certain aspects where one phone edges out the other. The Pixel 4, for instance, takes sharp and vibrant pictures with a strong HDR effect, making some photos appear more cinematic and dramatic. It's digital zoom is also excellent, closing in on faraway objects while keeping them sharp. At the same time though, colors aren't as true-to-life as on the iPhone 11 and images can end up looking overly processed.

The iPhone 11's portraits also look softer than the Pixel 4, which can look digitized. It handles the fallout between the fore- and background more naturally.

Skin tones are warmer and more flattering. That being said, the Pixel 4's portraits comes off more crisp and detailed -- so it really is a matter of personal preference. In addition, both phones have specific night modes for low light situations.

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Again, the HDR effect makes photos from the Pixel 4 appear hyper-real, but it does an amazing job at lighting up dark scenes. The phone's nifty astrophotography mode also takes impressive shots of starlit skies. Read more: Night photos on iPhone 11 and Pixel 4: Which is the best low-light camera phone?

When it comes to video though, the iPhone 11 really shines. Though I like how smoothly the Pixel 4 stabilizes video, the overall picture quality on the iPhone 11 is simply better, even in timelapse videos. Objects are sharper and the transitions between different light exposures is handled more artfully. For more details, check out photos from the iPhone 11 and photos from the Pixel 4. Winner : With the iPhone 11's Night Mode holding its own against the Pixel 4, the iPhone 11's superior video recording ultimately wins the day.

With ample, outdoor lighting, both phones take excellent photos. The iPhone 11 is on the left and the Pixel 4 is on the right. Portrait mode on the iPhone 11 left looks more natural and soft than on the Pixel 4 right , though the subject matter on the Pixel is sharper. The iPhone 11 and Pixel 4 are equipped with an A13 Bionic and Snapdragon processor, respectively.

Even though they have different chipsets, you don't really notice any differences in speed with daily tasks like launching apps or firing the camera shutter. But on paper, the iPhone 11 has the edge over the Pixel 4 on benchmark tests. Check out both scores below. Both phones conveniently have wireless charging, but the Pixel 4 has a much shorter battery life than the iPhone Its 2,mAh battery not only is a lower capacity than last year's Pixel 3 which had a 2,mAh battery , but it clocked in only 10 hours for continuous video playback on Airplane mode.

The iPhone 11, in contrast, lasted 15 hours and 24 minutes. CNET is currently running a streaming video battery test on the phones. In our initial result, the iPhone 11 lasted 13 hours and 52 minutes. However, we're still tweaking the test and will post final battery life results when we have them. Winner : The iPhone 11 pulls ahead with faster benchmark tests and a longer battery life.

Because the phones don't have physical home buttons, their interfaces rely on swiping gestures instead to switch between apps.

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New to the Pixel 4 is face recognition, which the iPhone added in with the iPhone X. By scanning your face, you can unlock the phone and authorize payments. It's part of a suite of features Google calls Motion Sense. The feature can sense my hand when I reach for the phone to unlock it using radar the face unlocking itself is carried out by an infrared camera, just like Face ID on the iPhone.

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This combo of readying and then firing up the tech makes face unlock faster. I don't have to tap-to-wake the screen or press any buttons beforehand, nor do I have to swipe after to use my phone.

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Because it's all just one fluent, cohesive process, the Pixel 4 is faster than the iPhone 11 at face unlock , though they both actually unlock the phone at about the same speed. Google acknowledges that someone who looks like you, such as a twin, can unlock your phone. Google has yet to fix this problem, despite saying it will do so in October Face ID on the iPhone 11, on the other hand, only works if your eyes are open. Motion Sense also introduced some hands-free gestures for the Pixel 4.

I can wave my hand to skip songs, hover my hand to pause music and silence timers and alarms, for instance. It works surprisingly effortlessly and I liked that alarms quieted down as I reached for the phone, which is intuitive and less disruptive. Lastly, the Pixel 4 has voice transcription, which transcribes audio recordings and video recordings in real time.

It's super useful for people who may be hard of hearing or for those who transcribe for work i. Winner : Toss up.

I like the Pixel 4's useful software goodies, but as far as which OS is "best" highly depends on the one you're already comfortable with. Both phones have dual-SIM. This is useful if you want to keep your personal and work phone number on the same device. The iPhone 11 has Wi-Fi 6. Watch this video and try these 5 simple steps for when your device won't charge. Video: Improving Battery Life length: Improve your phone's battery life with the steps shown in this video. Video: Troubleshooting: Device Overheating length: Watch this video for tips on how to prevent your device from over heating and what you can do to cool it down.

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