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The screen was black except for the bottom row. I am not a parent, but when I was in high school I was friends with a girl whose parents kept crazy close tabs on her. Her mom yelled at my mom for taking us to get pedicures instead of staying at our house when she came over for an afternoon. It culminated into her lying about sleeping over at my house to spend the night with a boy, and I got a phone call from her parents asking where she was.

Again I am not a parent, so I may not be an expert. However, I think tracking could cause this sort of behavior. I used a tracking app for my son who is now in college. When my daughter started driving one of the conditions to be allowed to use our cars was that she download Life She had no problem doing that and everyone is happy. She sends me a text when she gets to her destination and rarely do I need to check the app.

Use every tool. Next year that will change. My oldest will get a phone and I will use find my phone for my peace of mind. Not trying to be mean but your kids are too young to leave alone. Depending on where you live, illegal However, keeping tabs on your teenage kids, especially if you have a good relationship with them is not only appropriate it is important. You are not their friend, they have enough of those. They need parents. They are 14, 16 and They are eligible to get a phone when they get a license.

They get a license when they get their 1st job. They pay their own monthly phone bill. Flip phone for the young ones. Too much access these days. Kids are curious and the internet has too much of everything at their fingertips including the worst part of everything. My daughter is 15 and I neither track nor monitor her. Not surprisingly the monitored friends deeply resent their parents and — because these are smart kids — successfully dodge the parents monitoring apps.

So exactly what have the micromanagers accomplished? My mom can see us we can see her our kids can see everyone. I never had a curfew, had free run of the town, and a pretty good relationship with my mom, even for being a sullen and somewhat feisty teenager.

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My friend, on the other hand, was always given arbitrary curfews and subject to unreasonable monitoring to the extent that you could in the 90s lol and yeah, she resented the heck out of it and still does decades later since they had no reason to distrust her. I had a very similar situation as you described. My mother trusted me, i always told her things, never hid where i was.

I had freedom and no tracking, but me an my best friend never got into trouble or did anything crazy. My friends mother was tracking her every move constantly and in return she always complained about her mother being soo overbearing.

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So when we graduated high school, she picked a College very far away and got on one of her roommates cell plans. I whole heartedly agree with your comment! My 2 older kids are almost 15 and almost They got their first phone this past christmas. We got it mainly because it helps me when it comes to picking up from school or practices after school. We have Google Family Link on their phones. It allows us to have a set schedule for phone to lock at bedtime and unlock by itself in morning. If they are not listening then it allows me to manually lock the phone.

Their location is always on and they have no way to turn it off.

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I can monitor apps being downloaded and block certain apps from their phones. Age restricted apps send a notification to my phone and must be approved by me. My 3 yo has autism and we are going to DisneyWorld this fall. I have autism. We have done inkpen phone numbers on arms with liquid bandage over for all sorts of amusement parks, fairs, anything.

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Whatever happen to letting your children make mistakes and learn from them. I went through, beepers, flip phones, razor phones, then smart phones. If a kid wants to hide something they will find away. Apps that find your phone are awesome in emergencies, but other then that no way. Now a car tracker is another thing.

That seems like more of a safety thing. I use Life — I have a teenager that just started driving. Another feature it has in addition to tracking, that I like is that it will tell you the highest speed of the car, fast accelarations, hard braking, and phone usage. I find it helpful as a teaching tool for going too fast, and frequently using his phone while driving. It is Directed by Jodie Foster, the episode makes a living nightmare out of parental controls.

So good! For my 3 girls, they have iPods that they can call and text with as long as they are on WiFi. So when they have a sleepover they can say goodnight etc. We have really enjoyed them as a pre-phone device.

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My daughter is going to college this fall and has no problem being connected. None of us do as a family since we are respectful of boundaries and have nothing to hide. If, however, God forbid, there was a real problem, I would be able to assist authorities with her or my husband and vice-versa. I watch too much ID. Your email address will not be published. Respond to this post.

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By Sara Staff Writer. More Family 67 Comments. Pros and cons of kid tracking apps There are some great, free kid tracking apps available today! None of our teammates thought that tracking the kids was a bad idea. Hiplist Print 67 Comments. Did You See These? Reply 3.

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