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One of the most effective ways to protect your data is to start securing it while it is still in your possession. You should begin by activating either a PIN number, a password or a graphic pattern which will be required every time you want to unblock your phone.

How to Hide APPS in Samsung Galaxy M20

That way you are sure that only authorized people have access to your data. PIN Personal Identification Number is a number which you need to put in in order to get access to the mobile device. Password — it works just like a password to a computer or Internet account. You can activate it so that it is requested every time you wish to unblock your phone.

The more difficult the password is eg. Graphic pattern — a patter that you choose yourself which you will need to repeat each time you wish to unblock your phone. You should definitely consider the option to completely delete all data after a certain amount of failed attempts to access the device. This feature may protect your phone if it fall into the wrong hands.

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However, if you enable this option, remember to be cautious — do not let the kids play with. Otherwise, you may end up with a default device and without your precious data. Make sure not to reveal your chosen authentication method to anyone who you do not trust. The 5MP ultra-wide angle camera offers a degree field of view, allowing for more objects to come in the frame.

However, the wide-angle camera suffers from the same drawbacks that the ones on the Galaxy A7 and the Galaxy A9 do.

You can't tap to focus on an object when in the wide-angle mode, as the focus is set to infinity. The wide-angle camera is also unable to balance out the exposure for the subject.

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The photos often come out dark, lacking details. The feature comes up once you have taken the photo. Using it, the warped lines are straightened out, but the photo itself gets cropped out quite a bit. The wide-angle lens is also only useful till sunset.

Post that, anything you take comes out dark and noisy. The 5MP sensor is just too less to capture details well-enough. An ultra-wide angle camera is surely a good thing to have in a mid-range smartphone as it makes room for experimentation. However, not having access to this camera in Pro Mode or even video mode is somewhat of a disappointment.

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It also captures a lot of details that are noticeable in close-up shots. It also managed to make the colours in the frame pop out, for instance, the bright orange cover on the truck in the sample below, or the green logo in the next one. That helps get crisp, vibrant photos. Indoors, however, the noise starts to show even when the frame is well-lit, as the sample below will tell you.

It only works when the camera detects a face, and it does the subject segmentation using software. As a result, the background blur looks quite artificial, almost like most Honor phones in that price range. Getting the feature to work is quite cumbersome. You need to be exactly a meter away for the blurring to work. It takes a lot of time to process the shot in the background, and in between you can take another portrait shot. Unfortunately, Live Focus mode does not offer any adjustment of the amount of blur being applied to the photo.

The Galaxy M20 also belongs to the group of phones that fails to capture good photos in low-light. Furthermore, the colours appear faded. Samsung applies its aggressive noise-reduction techniques that take the sharpness away from the photos, sometimes to a point where they appear out of focus. Selfies with the Galaxy M20 should keep the average user busy. The icing on the cake is the massive 5,mAh battery that the Samsung Galaxy M20 comes with.

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The Galaxy Note 9 was the one with the highest-capacity before this with a 4,mAh battery. Safe to say, the ghost of the Galaxy Note 7 is now well behind in the past. Samsung overhauled its battery manufacturing process by including more stringent tests, and it got the confidence to implement to high-capacity batteries like this one. The one on the Galaxy M20 lasts fairly long. Samsung also introduced fast charging in the phone.

It provides a 10W fast charger that tops up the phone in around two hours. The Samsung Galaxy M20 is a mixed bag.

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Samsung put a lot of effort into the M20 in order to make it stand out. A new design, a wide-angle camera, a new processor and a massive battery. All of that should make the M20 a strong contender for the best mid-ranger available right now. The company put efforts in improving the design and implementing a new imaging system, but missed out on offering good performance, a crucial factor that influences purchase decision.

Samsung Galaxy M20 64GB Review

The M20, while giving users options to experiment with the cameras, also stops short at offering full-fledged customisation by locking out pro-mode for the wide-angle lens. For everything else, there is a better alternative. Replacing the previous Samsung Experience overlay, One UI makes it easier to use your phone one-handed and places certain UI elements within reach.

One UI also includes a new gesture navigation system, improvements to DeX , the ability to re-map the Bixby button to an app or command, and more. You also get Pie features, which include a new app overview screen, slight changes to notifications, improved text selection, Digital Wellbeing , and more. Keep in mind that Digital Wellbeing is not available for every Samsung phone running Pie.

As such, Samsung is advertising its trio of Galaxy M smartphones toward millennials. The company is also only offering the phones online through either Amazon or its website.