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You will need to create a family group on families. Download: iOS Android. Image Source: Apple.

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If your kids have an iPhone, you can keep track of their location using the built-in Family Sharing feature. With Family Sharing, you can share books, App Store purchases, media subscriptions, and iCloud storage plans with up to six members. But, more importantly, you can also share GPS locations. To see their location, you just have to launch the Find My iPhone app on your phone and tap on their device. Easy peasy! There are also great phone tracker apps that you can download from third-party developers. Most of these are freemium apps that will give you basic location information for free, but you have to pay for premium features.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on "Privacy."

Image Source: Life With this app, you can set up a private group for your family or friends. However, you will need to ask for permission before you can include someone in your circle. The free version of this app will let you see where your kids are in real-time. Plus, you get the Crash Detection service, which uses the accelerometer on your phone to detect a car accident.

When the app detects a crash, trained emergency response agents will call emergency services to their location and notify members of their family group.

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The app lets you add family members, but in order to know their locations, you will need to ask for consent first. Once you set up the app, GeoZilla will let you know when family members leave or arrive at a frequent location. This requires the users to allow permission to track their location, with the ability to revoke permissions at any time. This is an important safety feature here that allows users to block access to malicious people who may know their immediate location.

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Using this app, you can locate fellow users with an astonishing accuracy of only 30 feet, making this a pretty well engineered app overall. So make sure you tinker around with the battery settings to adjust the activity of the GPS on your phone. As far as comprehensive tracking is concerned, users can check for locations from the past 24 hours.

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You can also choose timeframes to know where the individual was on a particular time of the day. An app like this can be extremely handy for concerned parents. This app is designed to make location tracking fast and efficient. And we must say, it lives up to its promise completely. The device comes with a pretty elaborate set of features that allow you to quickly share your live location with a friend, family member or even a co-worker.

Keeping privacy concerns in mind, the app is designed in a way that each location shared with another user vanishes after a while. You may need a data connection along with access to GPS for this app to work. Taking this into account, it seems like this app is better suited for city users who always have access to an internet connection and can thus share their location more effectively as well as accurately. This app is free to download for the iPhone, iPad, and the iPad Touch. Once you have the app up and running, you simply have to open it once and let it run in the background.

Users can track multiple devices at the same time, with each device accurately pinned on the map.

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FollowMee is a free download on the App Store and has no ads or in-app purchases. This is an app specifically meant for worried parents to know the whereabouts of their children. This app is cross-platform, which basically means that you can track any user out there as long as they have the right app on both devices.

Kids can also check-in to various locations to alert their parents of their immediate location.

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  • All things considered, this is an excellent app to keep an eye on your family or loved ones. It comes with in-app purchases that enables a handful of premium features. Find My Friends is an app that comes directly from Apple and gives you one of the best methods to track your family or loved ones regardless of where they are on the map.