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Mobile security expert Karsten Nohl and his colleague Luca Melette, announced during their presentation at the Congress, that in Germany, in , the police sent thousands of Silent SMS meant to locate suspects. Silent SMS were initially meant to allow operators to acknowledge whether a mobile phone was switched on and test the network without advising the users. However, they have proven useful for the tracking down of suspects by the police in several countries. A mobile phone updates its presence on the network regularly, but when the person moves, the information is not updated immediately.

By sending a Silent SMS, the location of the mobile is instantly updated. According to Mathias Monroy, a journalist with Heise Online, this surveillance technology is largely used because it falls in a gray area from the legal point of view, the law being unclear whether a Silent SMS can be considered as communication. This is useful, because if it is not a communication, it does not fall under the framework of the inviolability of telecommunications described in Article 10 of the German Constitution.

Location based services

The company was evasive when questioned by OWNI. In the Netherlands the police has been used the technique since Instead of leaving you high and dry, and without answers, we wanted to help set the record straight on how SMS geo fencing works, and how brands are able to use it to not only make their SMS marketing campaigns more interactive, but generate higher conversion rates from their SMS promotions.

Sending text messages (International SMS)

For example, lets say Pizza Hut wants to text message people within a 10 mile radius of their restaurant at AM to tell them about their awesome lunch special. So how is it possible to use geofencing in SMS marketing?

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A business first has to receive permission from a mobile phone number to text message them. Once this has been done, the customer then must give their permission to share their location, so that next time they enter the SMS geofence, the business will know.

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  8. An SMS geofence can circle anything, or any area, such as a retail store, a stadium, or even a neighborhood. You can see an example of a customer giving permission to a brand to use their location for SMS geofencing below.

    Hacking a Smartphone by simply sending an SMS?

    Sounds pretty creepy, but in most scenarios with SMS geofencing, a brand will only need look up the location of their SMS subscribers once a day, around a specific time, for a specific promotion.