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You can check out our hands-on over here. Hadlee Simons. Huawei is one of the top performing smartphone manufacturers today despite the ban , delivering a wide variety of devices for every price-point. But the firm's flagship phones have also earned accolades for camera prowess, battery …. More posts about Honor. When should you expect to receive Android 10?

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Updated March 20 Mitja Rutnik 14 hours ago. Best Android phones March Eric Zeman 2 weeks ago. Scott Brown 4 weeks ago. Honor thinks bigger not more pixels are the way to go in Hadlee Simons 2 months ago. The only shortcoming is sub-par brightness, which hampers outdoor visibility and makes colours look muted under direct sunlight.

The Honor 9X comes equipped with a sufficiently long-lasting 4,mAh battery. With our regular usage, which involved intermittent social media usage and messaging all day, a couple of hours of music streaming, and around an hour of gaming, the Honor 9x lasted a day and a half on average. When paired with a smartwatch with Bluetooth and location tracking enabled throughout the day, the phone's battery life went down but it still had around percent left at the end of the day.

Your mileage will vary depending upon usage patterns, but even with heavy usage, the Honor 9X will easily sail past a day on each charge. In our HD video battery loop test, the Honor 9x lasted a slightly underwhelming 12 hours and 37 minutes before the battery discharged completely.

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The phone comes with a 10W charger, which takes over two hours to fully charge the phone. We have seen phones from Xiaomi and Realme offer faster charging in the same price bracket. On paper, the Honor 9X offers fairly impressive cameras for its price, but the actual output is a mixed bag. The main megapixel camera takes megapixel pixel-binned photos by default. These shots looked okay, with decent contrast and dynamic range, but average details at best The camera app's AI mode tends to boost contrast and saturation, so we had to manually turn it off to capture accurate colours.

In the case of actual megapixel photos, details were better, but at the cost of noise. What we didn't like was the oversharpening done to the photos, making them appear noticeably soft. We also often got blander colours in photos captured at the full megapixel resolution under direct sunlight.

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Autofocus was reliable in daylight, but in low-light scenarios, we had to deal with some focusing errors. We have seen noticeably better colour reproduction, sharpness, and dynamic range captured by the megapixel cameras on the Redmi Note 8 and the Realme 5 Pro. Honor has not specified the make of the sensor it has used. The 8-megapixel wide-angle camera comes in handy for bringing more objects into a frame. The images captured are again just average, but there was a noticeable difference between the colour tone of photos captured by the main camera and wide-angle shots of the same scene, particularly when it came to handling greenery and bright colours.

Distortion was also an issue. Honor says that the Honor 9X uses distortion correction algorithms, but warping was evident in wide-angle photos. They also turned out less sharp. The 2-megapixel depth sensor does a decent job at delivering a depth-of-field effect in photos. There is a dedicated aperture mode in the camera app that lets users adjust the intensity of the blur effect. It does a good job of highlighting an object or person in the foreground, but edge detection is not always accurate.

Other camera modes include slo-mo, light painting, moving picture, and stickers. The biggest surprise to us was the dedicated night mode. Photos captured using the night mode exhibited better details and colours were brought out more, but they look grainy on zooming in, and are soft around the corners. Depending upon the ambient light, the night mode takes up to four seconds to capture multiple exposures at various levels, and delivers a final composited image that is significantly better than what you could capture in the standard photo mode.

The standard photo mode can also detect low-light scenarios and raise the ISO level, but this blows away the real colours. In fact, the Honor 9X's night mode is one of the better implementations of this feature in the sub-Rs. The megapixel pop-up selfie camera is again just average. We noted that the camera module pops up slower than what we have seen on the likes of the Realme X and the Redmi K20, although these models are more expensive. As for image quality, selfies have a healthy amount of detail, but even with beautification and AI deactivated, the Honor 9X does smoothen skin textures.

In the case of portrait selfies, the camera sometimes erratically blurred parts of our ears. Portrait shots, despite looking vibrant, lacked depth and often had background elements blown out, especially those shot in sunlight. The main camera can capture video at up to p at 60fps, while the wide-angle one is limited to 30fps. However, dynamic range could have been better and colours appear slightly warmer than those of the real objects.

Yet again, videos shot by the main camera and the wide-angle one showed a discernible difference in colour profiles.

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Be the first to write a review. Design and display How does the 9X look and feel? Get the FullView See your content in the quality it deserves and lose yourself in the nearly bezel-less display. X marks the spot Make a statement with the Honor 9X. Triple lenses, triple the fun Capture every detail of those important moments with the 48 MP main camera. Pop up for a selfie Say cheese. Room for all your stuff Take all the photos you want with the generous GB of internal storage.