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Whereas the Pixel 4 tweaks and refines, the iPhone 11 has made leaps forward and in some cases betters the defacto smartphone camera king. In many scenarios, it boils down to your preference of image traits. The iPhone 11 produces slightly warmer photos, whereas the Pixel 4 tends to produce cooler but noticeably sharper photos in most settings.

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Both smartphones also come with dual cameras for the first time based on the fact that the iPhone 11 is an upgrade over the XR. However, Apple has decided to combo a standard wide lens with an ultra-wide, whereas Google has gone for wide and telephoto.

Personally, I prefer a telephoto zoom lens. My reasoning is that you can crop in on a subject and not lose any image fidelity. I use an ultra-wide-angle lens almost exclusively for landscape shots — which is very infrequent.

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The iPhone now includes a Night mode for the first time, although unlike Night Sight on the Pixel, this is not a dedicated camera mode. It is automatically enabled and works in a similar manner to Night Sight by increasing exposure and revealing more details in darker settings. While I will say that the Pixel 4 produces cleaner night photos, the iPhone 11 can look far more natural and as a result are very impressive. Where the Pixel 4 excels is in the extra modes though.

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Video is a no-contest though. The iPhone 11 is the best smartphone for video on the market.

There is no excuse for the Pixel 4 not having 4K 60fps video modes. The iPhone 11 can even do 4K on the front-facing camera, the Pixel 4 only manages p 30fps.

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If you value video, the iPhone is still the phone to pick. The iPhone 11 really does have an exceptional battery that can get you through even the most intense days. Both phones include 10W wireless charging but the iPhone 11 does not include a fast charger in the box. You will need to shell out for a faster charge brick if you want to top up without waiting hours. No matter which Pixel 4 device you compare to the iPhone 11 in the longevity stakes — it loses. However, sales, rebates, and discounts do match the pricing more directly, making the Pixel 4 far more palatably priced.

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That has been a bitter pill to swallow but I still prefer the experience of Android 10 over iOS The battery life question marks and poor pricing of the Pixel 4 mean that the iPhone 11 does prove to be a solid purchase, even if you are an ardent Android fan. That said, if you are not a heavy user the Pixel 4 is still a fantastic package.

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Google Translate. Gmail - Email by Google. You can use Google Hangouts internationally to make oversea calls.

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There are fees for calling locations outside of the US and not all locations are available for these kinds of calls. Here's what else you should know about using Google Hangouts to make international calls.

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