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While 5. The Pixel 4 fits nicely into a pair of jeans and it can be used one-handed for the majority of tasks where the XL at times feels a bit too large. One of the reasons I enjoyed the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 was that Google used some of the display bezels for full-sounding, very loud speakers. Speakers are just as loud as the Pixel 3 and sound extremely full too. Unfortunately, these are also the most unstable parts of the feature.

Google Pixel 4 XL review: Half great, half-baked

The same goes for alarms too, but this one especially needs some tweaking. The killer feature of Motion Sense, however, is its ability to make the Pixel 4 more aware of its surroundings. When you go to pick up your phone, Motion Sense sees your hand coming and lights up and the display and fires up the face unlock sensors too. The same applies to ringing alarms or phone calls.

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are here: Features, specs, and more

When I bring my hand near the phone, it lowers the volume quite a bit. One thing that is easy to show is the new set of Pokemon wallpapers. Google has also delivered gesture navigation which, on the Pixel 4, feels native. A swipe from either side goes back while a swipe up can access the homescreen or, with a pause, your recently used apps. On some other devices, this system can feel a bit awkward, but on the Pixel 4, it finally feels polished.

Face unlock: Quick and accurate with little support

Other useful features on Android 10 include Smart Reply for opening URLs and sending quick replies from notifications. Google also pushed privacy as a central part of Android 10 with much more advanced feature controls as well.

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Digital Wellbeing, the share menu, and notifications all got enhancements too. Google has also delivered some new features that can only be found on the Pixel 4 for now. One of those is the new Pixel Themes app. This app can help you customize your device to fit your preferences. You can select a new font, a set of system icons, icon shapes, and even a system accent color.

Another one of those exclusive features is the new Google Recorder app. On the Pixel 4, I encountered very few issues with Bluetooth headphones or car stereos. Also, for the first time on a Pixel there are no strange bugs at launch either.

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Most Pixel releases have been plagued by some truly weird issues based on the software, but the Pixel 4 is basically free of that. From a hardware perspective, it works really well with fast and accurate reading almost every time.

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However, the more important part of face unlock on the Pixel 4 is how the software treats it which, unfortunately, is not as great. For one thing, Google has a glaring security flaw in the Pixel 4 which allows the face unlock system to verify even if your eyes are closed — meaning someone could unlock your phone while asleep. Thankfully, that will be fixed soon. Another glaring downside to this new system is how it works with apps. Google also made a big deal about its upgraded Assistant on the Pixel 4 leading up to its launch. To get those faster speeds, Google shrunk the models needed to use Assistant down to MB, meaning they can be stored on the phone itself.

Most of the commands I already use for Google Assistant already need to talk to the internet to gather data. Apps are fast and fluid, the UI is super smooth, and multi-tasking is free from issues too. By comparison, devices from Samsung, OnePlus, and others have been maxing out at over 1, nits when in super bright situations. This feature allows the display to refresh the content 90 times per second compared to 60 times on most other smartphones. Taxes on the financed device amount before deferred amount are payable with your monthly device payments. Taxes on the financed amount are payable with your monthly device payments.

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