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The firmware version for the latest update is MIUI The changelog is very minimal, based on the screenshots shared by Redmi 7 users. The Redmi 7 update is rolling out via OTA to users in India, something that was initially spotted thanks to user reports. Xiaomi also confirmed the rollout of the Redmi 7 update to Gadgets The update, as mentioned, brings along the February Android security patch, and hence we recommend all users to install it as soon as they are notified.

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If you haven't received a notification, check for the update manually in Settings. Users have taken to the Mi Forums to share screenshots of receiving the update on their Redmi 7 phones. The version number is bumped up to MIUI Even though the update size is not that big, it is advised to install the latest Redmi 7 update under a strong Wi-Fi connection, and while the phone is on charge. To recall, the Redmi 7 was launched in India in April last year, and it was priced starting at Rs.

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But, the fact is that somehow and sometimes users experience many problems regarding hardware and software of the device. Yes, we all know that sometimes many of us have seen how some simple practices could easily fix small issues like this that simply irritate you much. If you are thinking that how this easy method could solve your issue, then you are thinking the right question in your mind. Basically, this will reset the connectivity settings of the device and then it will simply initiate the fresh connection with the network which usually fixes the GPS issues.

This step may seem very common and easy, but the fact is that, though it is easy and common to do, actually it does lots of work.

Redmi 7A: The unbelievable smartphone.

Reboot basically, clears all the temporary storage RAM which is used to operate the system and restart all the processes that can abnormally be terminated. Basically, the power saving mode simply used to extend the battery life of a smartphone, as it simply kill all the background functions of your device.

Hence, along with all those functions it also kills the GPS operation as well which works in the background. We strongly recommend you to reset your phone only if you are in a situation where you have tried every possible fixes to solve your issue. As once you reset your phone, all your data will be wiped that are present on your smartphone. Note: First you should back up the entire data of your smartphone before resetting the phone.

Generally, now you all have seen that we have mentioned all the possible ways above in this post simply to troubleshoot this Redmi Note 7 Pro searching for GPS issue. As we all know very well that the Redmi Note 7 Pro is one of the most selling smartphones of the Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, which comes with tons of lucrative features, hence, undoubtedly there will be a good number of users as well. For the Redmi 7, though, this was an even bigger change, as the phone looks more like a lower-end version of the Redmi Note 7 instead of a successor to the smaller Redmi 6, cutting on other aspects like build quality glossy plastic instead of actual glass and screen resolution p instead of p.

The Xiaomi Redmi 7A, though, does not go through such a considerable design change. While it does take certain design cues from these phones, it retains the same form factor as the Redmi 6A, and the overall design differs a lot from its elder brothers. Unlike the Redmi 7, which used glossy plastic on the back to replicate the looks of a glass-backed smartphone, the Redmi 7A goes for a simpler matte plastic unibody.

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I have the matte black version, and I got to say that it looks pretty slick, plastic or not. But when compared to the Redmi 7A, the Redmi Go feels like a toy. In my opinion, this makes it look a lot less stale than its predecessor, the Redmi 6A. Simple gets the job done with the Redmi 7A, and the understated look manages to remain sleek and professional. It also barely protrudes from the back.

Redmi 7A 32GB

There is a Redmi logo on the bottom left corner, as well as some certifications in the bottom right corner. Instead, the front is dominated by a 5. What we do have in the front, though, is branding: the Redmi logo is present in the bottom bezel as well. The Redmi Go, which had bigger bezels, did not have any branding on the front, and neither did its predecessor. In this case, though, it is pretty discreet and non-distractive.

There is a notification LED, a front camera, an earpiece and some sensors in the top bezel. The top of the device has a headphone jack and a microphone hole, but alas, we have no IR blaster here. Going even further back, though, we find that the Redmi 5A which we also reviewed did, in fact, have one. So take that as you will. It is not hybrid, though: the phone gives users the option to use two nano-SIM cards and a microSD card at the same time, which is something very much appreciated, and much more so in this price range.

The right side of the device has the classic volume rocker as well as the power button.

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We are well into now, and device manufacturers are even moving towards in-display fingerprint scanners. So while I get that the fingerprint scanner was omitted to reduce costs, adding a basic rear-mounted fingerprint scanner would have added a lot of value to the device and utility for the customer.

It is manufactured on a 12nm FinFET process and it features an octa-core setup comprising of Cortex-A53 cores clocked at 2. And I was actually fairly surprised. Geekbench 4 gives us similar results. If you are looking for more gaming performance, you would need to expand your budget to accomodate more powerful hardware.

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The Redmi 7A should, overall, perform pretty decently for most of your daily tasks. After using the Redmi 7A, I realize how wise that decision was. MIUI is back in full force here, and while it has never really been my cup of tea, it has actually become so bloated that it holds back the device in certain ways. Back when fellow XDA writer Idrees Patel reviewed the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro , he complained about the way the device, despite being a decent performer, suffered from frequent issues with stuttering and janky animations, which made the overall UI experience less than perfect.

It even froze on me once after pulling down the notification shade while checking out my Instagram stories, requiring me to force a reboot. So if you do come across with unbearable lag, maybe that would be an option to consider. All factors considered, it is a pretty capable shooter for such an entry-level, budget smartphone, and it actually translates to decent pictures in some situations.

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