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The rear cameras both boast megapixels while the front is 8-megapixel. The 3,mAh battery also lasts nearly two days and it has IP68 waterproofing. But like many devices this year, it also suffers from a lack of inspiration and humanity. Maybe LG is tired. The LG of old made bold moves when it put the power button on the back of its G2 and gained accolades for the laser auto-focus camera, redesigned software, and overall sleekness of the G3.

The G4 followed it by experimenting with new materials, like leather, and improved camera tech, but had trouble retaining the momentum of the G3. Soon after, the V10 came out rocking a klutz-proof design and a small second screen up top for notifications and extras.

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Hoping a big move might change its fate, in LG released an innovative, if desperate, modular phone with the G5. The G6 was a great, but very ordinary high-end phone, and the G7 feels like it comes from a company that just needs a nap. Just a moment ago, I aimed the AI Cam at an aloe plant in my living room the only houseplant that survives my constant neglect.

Needless to say, every single guess was completely inaccurate.

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Did I mention that it thinks my wall clock is beer and cauliflower? Most AI Cam pics seem to come out the same as an ordinary camera, though outdoor shots looked oddly cold or overly blue.

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For those people tired of seeing Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhones every direction they turn, the release of a new LG flagship phone a few months ago was probably music to your ears. LG's newest device has received a bit of a name change to go with all these incremental upgrades - and we have all the very best LG G7 ThinQ deals and prices right here for you to sort through.

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With its LG V30 handset , the Korean tech giant showed what it could do when it really commits to innovation. But its vast 6.

With Floating Bar you simply swipe from one side of your screen to access app shortcuts, capture screen GIFs, control the music player, and find frequently used contacts. Once the feature is enabled, tap the overflow three-dot icon to customize its position and active features.

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For example, instead of seeing the Google News Feed when you swipe right from the home screen, you will see something called Smart Bulletin. Smart Bulletin allows you to quickly access features you use on a regular basis.

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From the Smart Bulletin screen, you can get customized app suggestions, keep track of your health goals, catch up with news, and even use the built-in music app. Luckily the feature is easy to disable. The feature allows you to switch to a monochromatic display that looks similar to that of an ereader. Want to unlock your phone with a quick glance?

20+ LG G7 ThinQ Tips and Tricks

With the G7 you can select from one of several different options to unlock your phone.