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Samsung Galaxy M20 Gaming Review, PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings, Temperature Check, Battery Drain

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The first image shows the scaled photograph of the test device. Videos with 30 frames per second should also be sharper and the missing option of 4K video recording is truly disappointing. Due to the lack of image stabilization, a tripod would be necessary anyway if still shots are the goal. However, since the camera quality is generally unconvincing, it is not worth bringing one. Low price or not: When it comes to camera, Samsung delivers too little. Under laboratory conditions, the practical experience from the test is confirmed.

The test shots under good lighting conditions seem sufficiently sharp and sometimes colors show strong deviations from the original. There are no surprises in the box contents - if any, then this is at most the headset, which Samsung includes despite of Galaxy M20's low price. The competition often does not do that. One should not expect too much from the M The frighteningly cheap-looking headset delivers almost no low tone and a slightly excessive midrange.

It is good enough to be used right out of the box, enjoying music, however, is out of the question. The rest of the box includes a separate Type-C cable, a watt charger, some paperwork concerning warranty and operation, as well as a SIM tool. Samsung gives a month warranty on the Galaxy M The operation of the touch screen did not cause any problems in the course of the test. Despite the comparatively low price, Samsung has provided the display of the Galaxy M20 with a neat coating, thanks to which the fingers can glide smoothly during operation and only a small amount of grease remains on the surface.

There were no problems with the registration of touches a lso at the edges. The fingerprint sensor on the back worked mostly in an exemplary manner.

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  • The occasional false recognition probably occurred due to its somewhat too high position. Often, even users with large hands do not quite hit the center of the sensor. When the position is right, the response is reasonably fast. Unfortunately, the sensor does not give any feedback by means of vibration and this makes it a bit difficult to feel.

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    Therefore, a look at the back is necessary every now and then. In the test, we also missed a notification LED. An always-on display is not offered by the M20 either. The panel of the Samsung Galaxy M20 has a size of 6.

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    • This results in a good image sharpness of pixels per inch. The manufacturer reports a 6. That may disappoint all the fans of the brand who had hoped for an Amoled display, but given the price of the M20, this could not be expected. If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured. The touch screen of the Samsung Galaxy M20 is also exemplary when checked for flickering. The latter often occurs when dimming the brightness, usually by pulse width modulation PWM.

      We could not find any flickering in the test, thus the screen is also suitable for users who are particularly sensitive to shimmery displays. Ultimately, the technology used is secondary and it is important how the screen performs in everyday life. Overall, it does that quite well. Black level and contrast could be better, but this is not noticeable in everyday life. The same applies to the fidelity of grayscale and colors.

      Considering the price that is a decent value. Our measurements with the CalMAN professional software resulted in an acceptable contrast ratio of 1, and an excessive proportion of the blue color common for LCDs. Furthermore, the coverage of the sRGB color space is decent. The grayscale deviation in the test was 6. Both are difficult to see with the naked eye and therefore absolutely within reasonable limits. They are also noticeably more expensive though.

      The viewing angle stability of the panel, on the other hand, is very good. In the Galaxy M20, Samsung has opted for an Exynos with a clock speed of up to 1. In terms of performance, the chip clearly ranks behind a Kirin and more or less just behind a Snapdragon In the benchmarks, the GPU in particular quickly reaches its limit. This sometimes results in a decent gap compared to the listed competing products. Hardly anyone will notice this in everyday life due to the good coordination of the operating system, user interface and hardware.

      Thus, no glitches can be seen. The poorer performance of the M20 is striking compared to other smartphones with the same Exynos Some of them are more than 30 percent faster. This gives the impression that Samsung throttles the chip in this low-priced model to artificially create distance to their higher-priced smartphones such as the A series.

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      There are just as few problems with Internet usage. The M20 performs significantly better also in the benchmarks and can partly put itself ahead of the competition.

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      In terms of the memory of the Samsung Galaxy M20, there is hardly anything to complain about. Overall, the inexpensive smartphone is usually on par with the competition - both in terms of the speed of the internal memory, as well as the measurements with our reference memory card Toshiba Exceria Pro M It already became clear in the benchmarks: The Samsung Galaxy M20 is not a gaming wonder as we checked with GameBench. It is still good enough for simple and normal games, but in demanding games, it gets quickly overwhelmed. Those who really want to play titles such as " PUBG Mobile " should look for a smartphone with a stronger performance.

      We checked the precision of touch screen and position sensor and the control is exemplary. With up to 38 degrees Celsius In games, for example, the smartphone gets slightly warm, which does not feel unpleasant even with prolonged gaming sessions. As with most smartphones, the Galaxy M20 should not be over-enthusiastically talked about in terms of speakers. The mono speaker is loud indeed, but it also gets a bit shrill. The low tone is rather nonsense, but is good enough for short sessions of listening to videos or pieces of music. Via the 3. In fact, most users should be able to get two days of battery life without recharging, and occasional users even three or four.

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      There are exceptions though - the Moto G7 Power is one of them. Overall, there are no serious abnormalities in power consumption. Moreover, the Motorola device is even a better choice for users who want to get along without recharging their phone as long as possible. The Moto model has the same size battery, but it achieves a fabulous 35 hours, which is more than double.

      Download M205MUBU3CSL6: Galaxy M20 Android 10 Stable One UI 2.0 update

      Even under load the picture is similar. The Samsung model manages well over four hours, the G7 Power over eight. Apparently, the chipset used in the Motorola is clearly more energy efficient than the Exynos chip in the Samsung model. Compared with smartphones that have a smaller battery though, the M20 is pleasantly long-lasting. Unfortunately, the charging time is long and despite the fast charging function, it takes over two hours before the empty battery is fully charged again.

      Given the huge battery, however, that is fine. For the Samsung Galaxy M20 that is mostly the case, at least in everyday life. I am Samsung lover and i disappointed Source I'm still having problems with the A The phone e still worked ok, except it would drop down to 3g roaming and wouldn't let me use data, it would say "no data connection".