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The frame edges are polished and the rear fingerprint sensor is flatter. But the Pixel 3 XL is more functional: It has two selfie cameras, dual front-facing speakers, and Active Edge, allowing you to squeeze the sides of the frame to trigger Google Assistant. The 64GB and GB internal storage sizes are set in stone once you order them. We got two reactions from our Clearly White review unit: that it was the most sophisticated hue or that is looked a little cheap and plasticky.

The Google Pixel 3 XL has a sizable 6.

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The bigger screen fits in basically the same dimensions of x No one we talked to liked it. For us, when testing it day-to-day, we found it harder to ignore the deep notch when browsing websites and watching videos.

Google Pixel 3 XL Review | Tom's Guide

A third-party app, Nacho Notch, is better. It puts all of that information within the blackened notch space. The software tricks certainly help. Current page: Introduction, design and screen. Home Reviews. I wish I could say it was, because stronger competition in the phone market is an excellent thing.

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However, Google-made Pixel phones are loaded with the most optimized version of Android out there. Maybe they have an extensive collection of iCloud Photo Sharing albums. It turns out, as we spend each autumn examining and comparing specs on these new rectangular pieces of hardware, the thing that matters most is the software running on them.

Sure, there are hardware components that matter.

The Pixel 3 now has a glass back. The larger portion of the back is now a matte glass, while the top remains glossy. Its dual-tone construction is what makes it undeniably a Pixel phone.

Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL review: the best camera gets a better phone

This glass back is also what enables wireless charging. The 6.

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Are you a Just Black kind of phone person? Clearly White? Or are you into Not Pink, my personal favorite, which is neutral-toned with just the slightest hint of a flush, like the white Pixel just walked up a flight of stairs?

Device features

Color tones matter. It also ran without a hitch—except when the camera app froze a couple times as I tried to switch apps. Finally, camera hardware matters—somewhat. The Pixel 3 now has two front-facing camera lenses, which means you can take an extra-wide-angle selfie by opening up the field of view with a sliding tool. This is one of my new favorite camera features on the Pixel 3.

But to consider the Pixel 3 is to consider its software above anything else. A feature like Photobooth, borrowed from the Google Clips camera, auto-captures a series of selfies for you. Top Shot is another another AI-powered tool, one that more than one Google worker told me was the most significant feature of the new camera.

Top Shot is supposed to select the best shot of all of the frames captured in a motion photo—the shot where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera with their eyes are open, and where nobody has walked into the frame.

Google Pixel 3 XL review: Still a hotshot?

But every time I took a motion photo, I went to the "film strip" of stills below the photo and there were no Top Shot suggestions in sight. With Super Res Zoom on the new Pixel 3, you can zoom in on objects far away and expect a crisper image. Pixel 2 doesn't have "Super Res Zoom," but here's a similar photo captured with the Pixel 2. Other aspects of the new camera showed notable improvements.

Even without the Night Sight feature onboard, low-light photos looked better in general than those captured on the Pixel 2. You can see this in the included photos.