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Cyberbullying has become prevalent on the internet where every other day a child is getting bullied by someone, becoming susceptible to bullying attacks. Apart from several cyberbullying cases, we have also come across parents complaining about their children getting in touch with pedophiles on the web.

These pedophiles can pose some serious threat to the young children.

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Additionally, the presence of pornographic content on the internet has also become rampant. To ensure your child is having a safe online experience, you need to make use of a monitoring app or a spying app. Even though the market is loaded with several monitoring apps, we would recommend you using Mobistealth.

Employees can deploy this monitoring app on the company-owned devices given to their employees to ensure they are not wasting time during working hours.

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A monitoring app helps you record calls and text messages including iMessages your child shares with someone else on their phone. Furthermore, a monitoring app can also help you monitor all the social media apps including WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Viber, etc. First of all, you need to register an account on the Mobistealth site and then log in with your credentials.

The app keeps working stealthily in the background without your child knowing. Chances are the iCloud backup is already turned on in the target phone. Enter your login credentials in the web account to access the dashboard.

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Xnspy prompts you to enter the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone as the dashboard opens up. After 24 hours, you can spy on the iPhone through the dashboard. Simply navigate through the dashboard menu to start spying on the iPhone. There is a separate tab for spying on text messages , call logs , messenger chats you can read instant messenger conversations from Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Kik and more , location tracking, photos, videos and a lot more. It is like controlling the iPhone from a remote location without having to physically access it.

On top of that, no installation or jailbreaking is required! There always have been ways available to spy on iPhone without touching it or downloading a spyware on it.

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The U. S law enforcement has been using different spying tools funded by the Homeland Security.

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We will discuss the most prominent one:. A stingray is an IMSI-catcher. When active, a stingray could mimic the signals of a wireless carrier cell tower which allow nearby cellular devices to connect to it. During this process, stingray devices can conduct tracking and locating operations and the victims never get to know they are being tracked. With these devices, you can figure out who the owner of the device is calling and also when and where.

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With a stingray device, there is no limitation to what mobile phones you can monitor. There is no installation required either. But these devices are extremely expensive.

They are also out of the range of average users since only authorized personnel are allowed to buy and use them. In a number of states, you even need a warrant to use a stingray for spying on someone. So, for an average user, there is nothing better than a spy app to track another iPhone.

Step 5: Again, wait for the system to update sources. This shall begin the downloading process. Tap on it. You will receive a prompt to hide the icon of Xnspy, too. Once everything aforementioned is done, you are all set. You can now remotely spy on the activities of the target iPhone. Spying apps are percent undetectable. The spy app silently sends all the information to the control panel of the user. Spy apps have the ability to keep track of even the information that has been deleted on a device. The sellers of spy app have lured users with a variety of spying features.

Wondering what stuff you on spy on? That includes their location, text messages, call logs, IM chats, web browsing history and a lot more. Speaking of features, you will get your hands on the following as you sign up for Xnspy to keep track of another iPhone:. There are a couple of ways you can tell if a product or a company is a scam.

They will make everything seem so legit by letting you believe you are getting the best deal ever. They even offer bonuses with the software. A hefty feature list and a small price tag come with a performance you could put your trust into.