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How to Track A OnePlus Phone Remotely

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But they also did this by outright lying about sales, telling customers in India: "Thanks for making OnePlus 5 the highest-grossing phone ever. After getting caught, they claimed that the character limitations of SMS forced them to say "ever" instead of "in the launch week. They were caught spying on users. The company admitted in January of that a hack attack compromised the credit card data of up to 40, customers. They were caught cheating at benchmarks. They deleted negative reviews on their website.

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OnePlus apparently and routinely deletes negative reviews on their websites, creating the false impression that all customers are happy with their products. They lied about bezel size. OnePlus marketed their OnePlus 6T smartphone on Instagram using doctored images that showed the bezel size as being smaller than it really is. They achieved the fastest face unlock by shipping an insecure system.

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OnePlus got a reputation for having the fastest-unlocking phone on the market for face unlock. For some of these lapses, other companies have been similarly accused. For example, Samsung has been accused of cheating on benchmarks. LG has been accused of lying about bezel size, etc.