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Below are some of the little known facts about BlurSPY app. Google Pixel 3 is the latest smartphone and many users want to hack it. BlurSPY is the best android tracker for such users. The app provides them with all the advanced features. It can be installed without even rooting the device.

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By Mia Sophia. For many people, By Melissa Limaa. Parenting is the hardest job nowadays. This is for many reasons. But one of these reasons is the use SnapChat was developed in early and it became popular in The basic idea of the app was BlurSPY does not require any rooting. So you can install the app without any issues. Make sure you subscribe to BlurSPY app. After that, you will be sent an email with download link and credentials. Get access to the target phone for a few minutes.

Open the download link on the target phone. Start downloading the app. It will take a few minutes. After downloading, install the app on Pixel 3. Follow the screen instructions to install and set up the app. Now log in to your BlurSPY account with the credentials.

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Turn on any BlurSPY feature and start tracking devices remotely. Call Tracker This is the feature which allows the users to track any phone calls on the Pixel 3. Social Media Hacker Without hacking social media, tracking is just incomplete.

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Screen Recorder With this feature, the users can use this feature to capture the screen of the target phone. Monitor Internet History Here is another very effective feature which tracks and monitors internet history. Bug Mic and Camera Feature Have you ever thought of hacking the mic and camera of any phone? It is the most affordable and cheapest spy app in the market. It gives you all the features at the lowest price. This cannot be properly conveyed through words or photos alone, so we strongly suggest you try to lay hands on one yourself.

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The Pixel 3 is the perfect size and weight for a smartphone. The clever part here is the back of the Pixel 3 is in fact one continuous piece of tough Gorilla Glass 5. No room for a MicroSD card here and no 3. The Pixel 3 is a very similar size to the iPhone XS , measuring in a touch taller, but not quite as wide. While Apple has packed a 5.

The dual lens front-facing camera is embedded in the left side of the top bezel and there are central stereo speakers top and bottom. The speakers are 40 percent louder than the Pixel 2, and they sound much more dynamic, and the sound can easily fill a room. The higher contrast ratio really tells, especially in low light and dark conditions where true black stands out and backlights cause problems.


With a 2, x 1,pixel resolution, the Pixel 3 display is sharp and legible. The Pixel 3 screen is excellent. The Pixel 3 can do things no other phone can. A lot of these A. It allows you to use Google Assistant to answer a call for you, and then you will see a live transcription of what the caller is saying. You can mark it as spam if it is the latter. Either way, this has quickly become one of our favorite features on the Pixel 3. It has also rolled out to the Pixel 2 and 2 XL. If you plug in the wired, USB-C earbuds that come with your Pixel 3, then Google Assistant will pop up and tell you when you have a text message, giving you the option to hear it.

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You can also ask any of the usual array of questions to find out about the next train, your schedule, the weather, or listen to another track. This is a slick, responsive smartphone that happily fires up and runs whatever apps or games you choose. That puts the Pixel 3 at the same level as most other Android flagships, including the Note 9.

It may take a little period of adjustment to get used to the lack of classic navigation buttons and pick up the new gestures, but anyone switching from another Android device is going to feel at home here. Check out our Android 9. As the developer of Android, Google will push security updates and larger feature updates out to the Pixel range first.


That means software update speeds on a par with Apple, negating one of the big criticisms of the Android ecosystem: Security and fragmentation. The Pixel 3 is guaranteed to get software updates for at least two years, and security updates for three, which is more than we can say for many other Android flagships. Once again, both sizes of phone have an identical camera setup. The main camera boasts a single lens rated at This glass back is also what enables wireless charging. The 6.

Are you a Just Black kind of phone person? Clearly White? Or are you into Not Pink, my personal favorite, which is neutral-toned with just the slightest hint of a flush, like the white Pixel just walked up a flight of stairs?

Color tones matter. It also ran without a hitch—except when the camera app froze a couple times as I tried to switch apps. Finally, camera hardware matters—somewhat. The Pixel 3 now has two front-facing camera lenses, which means you can take an extra-wide-angle selfie by opening up the field of view with a sliding tool.

This is one of my new favorite camera features on the Pixel 3. But to consider the Pixel 3 is to consider its software above anything else. A feature like Photobooth, borrowed from the Google Clips camera, auto-captures a series of selfies for you. Top Shot is another another AI-powered tool, one that more than one Google worker told me was the most significant feature of the new camera.

Top Shot is supposed to select the best shot of all of the frames captured in a motion photo—the shot where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera with their eyes are open, and where nobody has walked into the frame. But every time I took a motion photo, I went to the "film strip" of stills below the photo and there were no Top Shot suggestions in sight. With Super Res Zoom on the new Pixel 3, you can zoom in on objects far away and expect a crisper image.

Pixel 2 doesn't have "Super Res Zoom," but here's a similar photo captured with the Pixel 2. Other aspects of the new camera showed notable improvements.