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LG Optimus 3D P [12]. Sharp Aquos SH [13]. Sharp Aquos SHD [16]. Sharp Aquos SH. Sharp Aquos SHD [17]. Micromax A Canvas 3D. You're able to switch the back button to either the right or left, too. These keys are touch sensitive and vibrate when tapped. Turn the phone around and you'll find a faux-aluminum plastic rear.

It feels cheap to hold, and there's even a "Designed by ZTE in California" marking, seemingly just to further emulate Apple. Located further up on the back is the megapixel camera, and the placement's pretty similar to where you'll find it on the iPhone. As it's quite close to the edge, however, you'll have to make sure not to block it with your fingers when taking landscape shots.

The audio jack is located right at the top of the phone. On the whole, I didn't like the Blade S6's design. It seems to blatantly rip off Apple's thoughtful design process, which is not uncommon with some China-made phones. Other Chinese companies such as OnePlus and Xiaomi have already shown they are capable of being original, however, so it just seems to be bad form on ZTE's part.

Comparable Phones

Furthermore, the liberal borrowing of Apple design elements means it's unlikely to be released in the US, where I suspect Apple would be more than happy to take legal action to defend its work. Of course, to get hardware like that at this price point, compromises need to be made -- particularly the screen.

It has a p display, not the p resolution usually found on higher-end devices. This isn't necessarily bad, since it's usually very hard to tell the difference between these resolutions on a smaller device. The colors, vibrancy and viewing angles of the display are pretty good as well, so it's no loss here. The phone is powered by a 2,mAh battery, which is a tad on the low side these days see below for my battery test. Like newer phones released this year, the Blade S6 comes running Android Lollipop 5. The skin comes with its own color schemes, themes and the ability to change the animations of the home screen easily.

To stand out from other Lollipop phones, ZTE has included a software tweak called Smart Sense, which are basically gesture commands you can use to quickly access certain features. Before you get all hung up over the custom skin job though, ZTE has kept some elements of stock Lollipop, such as the notification system and the dialer.

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The Smart Sense features aren't turned on by default, so you'll need to enable them in the settings. From there, you can select the various features you want enabled.

ZTE Blade A7 Prime (Unboxing and Impressions)

For example, shake the phone to turn the flashlight on and off, or raise the phone up to a landscape position and hit the volume up button to turn on the rear camera. Ask them, why the watch cannot use GPS standalone with maps? It's probably because of battery life, but that's where the blame belongs not on ZTE.

This is good to know that there may be a future options one day to unlock the GPS potential. However, for now what app does anyone recommend for tracking, as each one I try to install, "Ghosts" my ZTE watch as 'incompatible', but they will install just fine to phone e. Almost any tracking app that can pull the cellular and the GPS data should be able to use to tracking the device. If you just want to know the location of the watch, I just log into my google's Find My Device to pin the location. I have yet to find one that have like realtime tracking or location sharing feature that is compatible with AW though.

The ZTE Blade X is another budget-friendly phone now available on Cricket Wireless

A word with the location via GPS though. From my experience with AW, since the unit is so small, the signal may not be the strongest. Also, as with any GPS devices, indoor reception is not going to work. Even outdoor, sometimes, I have trouble getting the GPS to lock the location in a crowded area or that it could take a bit of time to do so or I need to reboot the watch.

ZTE Blade X Max

Furthermore, running GPS on for extensive time on the watch would quickly drain the battery on the watch since unlike phone the watch cannot pack such a big battery. Something to consider if you are planning to use the watch as a tool to track your kid's location. Currently, Android Wear still depend on the phone for some heavier tasks.

And I think part of the reason is related to the battery and hte processing power on the watch that just cannot compete against what the phone can do. It is still more like a companion device and the benefit I guess is that as long as you have the phone nearby, you would able to get the information without pulling it out or unlock it. I use my watch as a stand alone gps tracker when I ride bicycles. I use the Strava app or Ghost Racer app. Works great! Can you hear me Google Maps?!!!!! And I get 6 hours of ride time running gps and cellular, so battery life is not an issue for me.

GPS signal is very strong and I've never had a signal drop while riding in the past 6 months, and I log about miles a week.

I don't know if there is an App for tracking someone wearing the watch. Hello there.