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In a… different way.

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See if you can unravel our tricky, brain-rending riddle. Good luck, friends, good luck. S omething else I loved about the Pixel 4 was Google doubling down on its decision to murder the notch.

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Good riddance. P erhaps one of the most talked about elements of the Pixel 4 is motion sense. Basically, there are cameras and sensors on the front of the phone that can track hand movements and turn those into commands. You know, like swiping your hand to change tracks.

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Currently, this is a gimmick with no real use. E ven though the face unlocking feature is good, I really miss the fingerprint scanner. That was so much quicker and more reliable than this face-scanning nonsense. So, in six months time, the already impressive results might be even better. Which is terrifyingly cool.

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Y et, not everything is rosy. Which — and to put this lightly — is absolutely fucking insane. Image Source: Android Authority. Unlike many of its high-end counterparts, all these three Pixel generation pack UFS 2.

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Many of the others are on UFS 3. Given that Pixel 2 is nearly twice as fast as its successors, we may be looking at a software or firmware issue.

Pixel 4 XL: 3 Months Later!

Hopefully, this sort of issue will be ironed out before the Pixel 5 drops. Some people might say this new Pixel 4 problem is a non-issue for two reasons. First of all, not many users might want to transfer files via a wired connection. The second argument might be that waiting an extra minute for a 10GB file to transfer is absolutely not a huge deal.

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However, the Pixel phones are supposed to the Android phones. And that includes pricing.

Google Pixel 4 XL review

These are expensive phones that should deliver a nearly flawless experience. And they should be at least as good as every other Android flagship when it comes to hardware features.

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  8. But the Pixel 4 still fares worse than its competitors, and the problem affects the Pixel 3 series. Tags: google , Pixel 4 , Pixel 5. Chris Smith started writing about gadgets as a hobby, and before he knew it he was sharing his views on tech stuff with readers around the world.